How to Get Free RDP Lifetime

In the world of technology and computer science, the term RDP points to a remote desktop protocol, which is a brainchild of Microsoft, and through which a user can use a network connection to connect to another computer.

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The other computer must run on RDP server software, while the user uses RDP client software. These servers are generally built on Windows operating system but can be enabled via any other operating system.

In a general sense, RDP allows a user to connect to virtual computers, using their own computers with much powerful specifications than their own.

Official procedure to activate RDP is to have a device with windows operating system, and enabling the remote desktop from the settings menu. It allows the user to access to multiple connected computers, provided all of which has internet connection. It is advisable to purchase a server hosting to access the virtual computer hassle free.

How to Get RDP for Free

The short-term method is which gives the user access to RDP for 30 days. The user needs to active VPN to conceal their location first, and open some pre-selected server hosting apps through which the entire procedure will be possible.

After verification of email identity, the user may download the RDP file and access it with the username and password received through email. This procedure does not allow access to all high-end features of RDP, and it stays activated for 30 days only. For better performance, the user may try another method that allows him to access RDP free, for 12 months.

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