Why Can’t I Tag People on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most-loved social media platforms. The platform has found a place in the phones and minds of people of all ages worldwide. Be it chatting with friends, watching reels, following favorite celebrities and influencers, or sharing photos and videos with followers Instagram has provided us with enough engaging features to keep us coming back to it every day.

why can't i tag someone on instagram

One of the innumerable useful features of the platform is the option to tag people in posts. Similar to the Tag feature on Facebook, tagging on Instagram enables users to add certain people to your posts so that they also get notified of likes and comments.

Sometimes, though, you can find yourself unable to tag people on Instagram. And you are at the perfect place if you are encountering this problem on Instagram.

Being unable to tag people for apparently no reason can feel pretty annoying. But there’s almost always a reason behind this issue, which we will discuss in the rest of this blog. Read on as we discuss why you can’t tag someone on Instagram and how you can change that.

Why Can’t I Tag Someone on Instagram?

#1. Server issues

Sometimes, the tagging issue might not have to do anything with anyone but Instagram itself. The platform has great servers capable of handling enormous amounts of traffic. But that doesn’t make them immune to occasional downtimes.

An issue with Instagram’s servers might make the platform go down for some, making it impossible to tag people during this period.


The solution to this issue is obviously beyond our scope. All you can do is check if the servers are down by visiting a website called Downdetector and checking the status of Instagram.

why can't i tag someone on instagram

If you see a spike in the reports graph, it might indicate a possible server outage from Instagram’s end. In this case, you can do nothing but wait.

#2. Your account is too new

Instagram limits new users from using some features of the platform during the initial hours after the account creation, and tagging people is one of the restricted features. This measure is taken to identify spammers and bots and prevent them from misusing the platform.

If your account has been created within the last 24-48 hours, you might be having problems due to this reason.


This problem doesn’t require any solution whatsoever but time. Just wait for a few hours or a day, and the feature will be activated for you soon. You will likely be able to tag people the next day.

#3. Privacy settings of the other person

Every Instagrammer has the option to limit who can interact with them via comments, messages, or tags. The platform enables users to control and limit who can tag them in posts.

why can't i tag someone on instagram

If the user you are trying to tag in your post has changed their privacy settings, you can only tag them if they follow you, or you might not be able to tag them at all. They can also choose to approve tags manually.


There is not much you can do in this case, as the other person has explicitly made it clear to the platform that they don’t want to be tagged by everyone. The most you can do is follow them and somehow make them follow you back. If you still aren’t able to tag them, it means they have disabled tags from everyone.

Summing up

If you are facing problems while tagging people in your posts, the reason can be anything from a technical glitch or server downtime to a deactivated account or aggressive tagging. Each case requires a different solution. In this blog, we have mentioned some of the most common reasons behind this issue and discussed their solutions, wherever applicable.

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