How to Stop Getting Message Requests from Strangers on Instagram?

When you receive a message from someone you don’t follow on Instagram, it is routed to a separate “Message Requests” section in your Instagram inbox. We’ve all seen a lot of spam messages and fake accounts try to send us messages, and all of those go to that request section, resulting in an unread notification on the messenger icon, which causes confusion.

stop getting message requests from trangers on instagram

Message requests are available on Facebook-owned Instagram, just like they are on Facebook Messenger. Message requests appear when you receive a message from someone you do not follow on Instagram or who is not on your contact list. As you may be aware, you must accept message requests before they appear in your list of chats. Messages sent by people you follow on Instagram, on the other hand, land directly in your chats list.

That being said, if you’re a celebrity, athlete, or top Instagram influencer, it’s normal to receive a flood of DM requests every day. Such bulk message requests can be aggravating and have an impact on your productivity. Above that, constant notifications about new direct message requests can be aggravating. If you want to stop receiving messages from unknown people on Instagram, you should block all message requests from others.

Thankfully, Instagram now has a privacy setting that allows you to control who can message you or connect with you via direct message. The specific feature is included in Instagram’s new Messenger experience. It will undoubtedly come in handy for Instagram users who want to stop direct messages from strangers without blocking them. Aside from unknown or other people, you can also block message requests from your Instagram followers, Facebook friends, and even those who are having your contact number.

How to turn off Direct Message (DM) requests on Instagram from strangers

Private Profile

Anyone can send you messages as long as your profile is set to Public. They don’t need your permission to do it. If this irritates you, there is a simple solution. Only your followers can message you directly when you have a Private profile, and you must approve new followers. So, here’s how to set your profile to Private. Remember that Creator Accounts cannot be made private.

Instagram DM Control

Before you begin, make sure to update the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android to the most recent version. This is due to the fact that the message request settings may not be reflected in the previous version.*

How to Stop Getting Message Requests from Strangers on Instagram?

Method 1:

Login to Instagram and tap the profile icon in the bottom-right corner. Tap the Menu icon in the upper-right corner and select Settings. Navigate to Privacy and then to Messages. Tap the “Others on Instagram” option to stop receiving spam DMs from unknown people. Messages from other Instagram accounts are automatically delivered to your “Message requests” folder. To prevent unknown people from sending you message requests on Instagram, select the “Don’t receive requests” option.

Similarly, you can prevent your Instagram followers from sending you DMs. Under Potential connections, you’ll find the relevant settings. Without a doubt, this is a viable method for avoiding spam DMs and unwanted message requests. Simultaneously, you may miss some important messages because not all requests are intended to be ignored. If this bothers you, you can disable message request notifications instead.

Method 2:

Open the Instagram app on your android phone or IOS click on the profile picture available at the bottom of your right, as soon as you will click on that profile picture you will see your profile which shows your followers and following counts as well as you will able to see your posts. On that page on the top of the right, you will able to see three horizontal lines tab that lines which takes you to the settings option which is available at the bottom of that page.

Click on settings, the user will see an option of notification below the option of follow and invite friends, click on notification a bell-like an option, an option of the direct message will be available in options list click on the direct message, there will be three options offered to you message requests, group requests, and messages.

You can click on off radio button you don’t wish to get a message from an unknown or stranger individual or group. You can even manage your video chats from this option. One can keep off video chat If they find it is annoying or if they don’t want to chat on video with anyone.

Hope this solution will help you to stop the messages from stranger or spam on Instagram.

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