How to Find Top Live Videos on Instagram

How many times have you gone live on Instagram? You might’ve done it about five to six times. Isn’t it so exciting that anyone on your Instagram can see your live? If you’ve gone live at a party or a concert, you don’t want that video to go away, right? Well, it’s good then that you can also save your Instagram live videos to your camera roll!

find top live videos on instagram

Only the video will be saved, not all the likes or comments it got. Moreover, you only get one chance to save the video after you’ve ended the live. If you forget to download it, then we’re sorry to say that there’s no way for you to retrieve that video again.

If your video is longer than sixty seconds, which it probably was, you’d have to upload it as an IGTV video instead of a normal one. The difference was that an IGTV video was more similar to playing a video on your smartphone: you could start, stop, rewind and fast-forward the video.

An Instagram video is not the same; it only allows you to tap and hold on to the screen to stop it. If you want to see the first shot again, you’ll have to wait for the video to end and start again to see it.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss whether or not you can find top live videos on Instagram. We’ll also talk about going live on Instagram and saving that live video to your camera roll. Stay with us until the end of this blog to learn all about it!

Can You Find Top Live Videos on Instagram?

Live videos are a fun way to let your followers know what you’re up to at the exact moment. It’s also a good way to see places you’ve never seen in real-time. For example, you can see a Taylor Swift concert in the USA while sitting in your bed in India. All you need to do for that is to catch the correct person’s live on Instagram. Isn’t that exciting?

However, catching that live isn’t all that easy anymore. Earlier, you could look at random people’s lives by going to Instagram’s IGTV section. However, the IGTV feature was removed from Instagram in October 2021 to ‘focus more on video content’ on the platform.

Right now, the only way to see live videos is if you follow the creator who’s going live. We’re sorry that there’s no feature on Instagram currently that will let you see random live videos. There’s also no third-party tool or Chrome extension to help you with this issue.

If Instagram ever decides to introduce such a feature, we’ll be the first to tell you about it.

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