If You Follow Someone on Instagram and Then Unfollow Will They Know?

Despite all the diverse upcoming trends on Instagram at all times, the one that never gets old is that of following and unfollowing. We’re not saying every Instagrammer is investing in this vain practice, but it would be a lie to say that more people are bothered by it than ideal.

if you follow then unfollow someone on instagram will they know

And while most people are engaged in these practices voluntarily, there are some people who do such a thing mistakenly and then keep beating themselves up about the whole thing.

Have you ever been one of these people? Struggling to learn what your actions must look like to the next person?

Don’t worry, we intend to solve your dilemma in today’s blog. Stick with us till the end to figure out the answer about if you follow then unfollow someone on Instagram will they know or not and how your action might affect them.

If You Follow Someone on Instagram and Then Unfollow Will They Know?

So, we understand that you’re here because you might’ve made the mistake of following someone and had to undo it by unfollowing them right after that. But now that you’ve done it, you’re worried about what the next person might think of it all.

To give your mind some peace, we’re here to tell you exactly what happens when you do such a thing. Since there are two kinds of accounts on Instagram – private and public – we’ll be talking about the scenario from both perspectives.

Case 1: What happens if they have a private Instagram account?

If someone has a private account on Instagram, then you can’t simply follow them of your own volition. You’ll need to send them a follow request and will only be able to follow them once they accept it.

In the case where you’ve made a mistake and realized it right away, you’ll first need to check if they’ve accepted your request yet. If they haven’t, you can withdraw it quickly, and no damage will be done. On the other hand, if they’ve already accepted it, the best course of action you can follow now is to lay low for a couple of days and then unfollow them.

Because your request has drawn their attention to you, they’d be more likely to notice a sudden unfollow now than a few days later. Lastly, if they saw your request and deleted it themselves, well, you could consider it good riddance.

Case 2: What happens if they have public Instagram account?

Moving on to public accounts, they function differently than private ones. Here, you’ll find no resistance in following or unfollowing them at will.

But what happens on their side when you follow and unfollow them simultaneously? Here’s what happens:

When you follow them, they receive a notification saying xyz started following you.

However, if you unfollow them right afterward, Instagram will see the pointlessness of that notification and remove it from their Activity tab. Now, since there’s no policy of notifying users when they’ve been unfollowed, no other notification (from your side) will be sent to their account.

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