How to Tell if Someone Blocked Your Number Without Texting

The advancement in technology and the internet, in particular has blessed humanity with many gifts, one of the crucial ones being the fact that it’s easier than ever to communicate with one another. Today, the possibility of reaching out to anyone in any corner of the world lies right at your fingertips.

tell if someone blocked your number without texting

And while seamless communications are making countless lives easier, it has also encouraged many to indulge in rather unpleasant conversations. And it’s not even about unpleasantries either; just because you CAN talk to anyone doesn’t mean you’d want to, right?

Keeping in mind how seamless communications can be a nuisance without a method of keeping them in check, all devices have launched control options that enable their users to restrict someone from reaching out just as easily, by using this feature: Blocking.

However, in today’s blog, we’re not going to talk about blocking and how it works, but about what’s it like to be on the other side of blocking. The anticipation and anxiety that creeps up when you stop hearing from someone and are wondering if you’ve been blocked is no joke.

And while some people totally deserve that kind of stress, not everyone who is blocked is done so for a good reason. Some people can also block others because they had a minor falling out, didn’t want confrontation, or were simply bored. Even so, blocking is their choice, and you can’t question or change it. What you can do is get closure and move on.

But in order to do that, you’d need to know for sure that you’ve been blocked, wouldn’t you? That’s what we’ll attempt to help you with in today’s blog.

Let’s get started already!

How to Tell if Someone Blocked Your Number Without Texting Them

Method 1: Calling on their number 

Before we begin, you should know that calling on their number, much like texting them, is no confirmation of whether or not you’ve been blocked. All it can confirm is a strong indication. Now, let’s get to it:

On Android devices:

You know how when someone hangs up on your call, it says, the person you’re calling is currently busy, please try again later?

Well,the same is true for being blocked as well. Only when you’re blocked, you’ll be hearing that sentence right after a single ring. Now, before you start wondering if it’s a coincidence, the same thing will happen every time you call them.

On iOS devices:

Much like Android devices, when someone blocks you on iOS, and you try to call them, you’ll notice how your call will be directed to the voicemail straight after the first ring. If this happens every time you call them, it can certainly be a sign that you’ve been blocked.

Method 2: Bringing a second smartphone into the picture

This method can provide you with more clarity than the last one, because there’s more room for comparison. Suppose the person in question here hasn’t blocked you; in that case, if you call them from a different phone number (preferably one they don’t know about), you should get the same response, right?

That’s how this trick works. You try calling the person from your number once, and then do the same from a different number. If you get the same response both times, it probably means you haven’t been blocked. But if the call from the other number gets connected while yours doesn’t, you could be blocked for good.

Method 3: Employ the help of social media tools 

Are you the kind of person who believes in confrontation? If so, when you can’t find any other way of contacting them, you can use social media for it. There are numerous popular platforms that they might be active on, be it Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. Because merely blocking your phone number doesn’t prevent you from contacting them on these platforms, they might work.

However, before trying this method out, keep in mind that even if they respond to your efforts on social media, you might not like what they have to say.

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