How to Fix “Please Exit Any Apps That Might Be Drawing On Screen” on Google Pay

Starting from the day when the phones came into being, they are evolving our lives at an unimaginable pace. They not only made it a breeze to converse with our friends and relatives anytime and anywhere but also made things at the office and back at our homes easier than ever before.

With popular applications like Calendar, MS Office, Google Meet, transport, food delivery apps, and more we can lead a comfortable life now steered by the growing technology of the age. With the introduction of money transaction apps, convenience took a whole new turn.

please exit any apps that might be drawing on screen

Gone are those days when you have to go to your banking apps and wait for them to respond back to your queries regarding your bank balance and transferring money. This is because nowadays with the all-new money transaction apps, you can transfer money, check your balance, chat with your friends, pay at shops and get exclusive discounts and cashback in a jiffy.

Google Pay is one of the best among the money transaction apps that are available today. With this popular app, you can simply link your account or accounts and enjoy transacting money at your fingertips.

However, often misfortune strikes us while using Google Pay but they are transient really so to speak because of the experienced professionals that they have as their support team. To mention one of such errors, many of us complain of an error message that states “Please Exit Any Apps That Might Be Drawing On Screen” on their Google Pay accounts.

But don’t think that you cannot fix this error because you can do it with us. But let’s first check when we commonly face such an error.

When does the error occur?

The error message “Please Exit Any Apps That Might Be Drawing On Screen” occurs in most of cases when a user is trying to set up the app or while he/she is attempting to make any payment. One will get this error message up on their screen while he is adding a new UPI ID or is trying to make payment to another person or a merchant account via the QR code or UPI.

Therefore, this annoying error would not let you register or make payments via Google Pay. So, if you are currently standing in a shop or an outlet and therefore, in a hurry to make the payment, then you must now consider using another UPI app or perhaps an offline payment service. But if there happens to be no such urgency, then you can go through the steps below and fix your issue in no time.

How to Fix “Please Exit Any Apps That Might Be Drawing On Screen” on Google Pay

It will always be easy for those who are more accustomed to Google Pay to send money through the same app. However, if you are getting the mentioned error message on it now, then don’t lose heart because here are the fixes that will help you resolve your error in a flicker.

Let’s check out the steps:

Method 1. Verify the Apps that are Allowed to Draw Over the Display screen

The error message “Please Exit Any Apps That Might Be Drawing On Screen” generally pops up if there is an app that is making an attempt to show its content over the different functions on the display screen. Therefore first let’s check out the apps that have permission to get on your display screen. We can check it by:

  • Opening the Settings of the android mobile.
  • Then, go to the Apps and notification > Particular app entry or Special app access.
  • Now, we should be searching for Show over the apps or Display over the apps.
  • Verify apps that might be allowed to show over different apps.
  • Now, you need to turn off the permission for these apps.

Method 2. Turn Off Apps with Floating Home windows

Turning off the apps with floating windows is one of the best fixes in case you are getting this particular message. You can do so by going to the Safety option on your phone. On some phones, you will be getting this option by going to Settings > App Management > Floating Windows.

As you are done with it, you need to restart your phone. Once it is back on, then you need to open the Gpay app and try making a transaction from your phone via the same. The error will most likely be solved but if it is not, then follow the next methods.

Method 3. Disable “Conceal the Backside Bar” on OnePlus

The error message “Please Exit Any Apps That Might Be Drawing On Screen” is most commonly reported on the OnePlus mobile phones. Therefore, often they look for solutions to wipe out this particular issue from their mobiles. Among them, many are using their Oneplus mobiles over the OxygenOS 11.

This issue can probably be traced down to the underside bar and was fixed after it was resolved. Therefore, if you also happen to struggle with the same, then this method will definitely help you solve your problem. Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, you have to open the Settings option on your mobile.
  • Then, you need to go to the Buttons & Gestures section.
  • After you get there, now you need to click on the Navigation Bar & Gestures.
  • On the next screen, you need to toggle the option for “Conceal the Backside Bar’ off.

That’s it. If you follow all the steps and apply this method on your Oneplus smartphone, then you will definitely get rid of this annoying error. Remember that this solution works with most of the Oneplus mobiles including the OnePlus 9, OnePlus 8, and OnePlus 7-series.

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