How to See Who Viewed Your Snapchat Profile (Snapchat Profile Views)

If you are a regular user of TikTok, you must have come across the scary claim that shows how Snapchat users are highly likely to get notified if someone views their profile. These videos have proven to be quite daunting for people that have been using Snapchat to view the profile of their exes, friends, crushes, and other such people secretly. Such videos receive a hilarious response from those who have the habit of stalking others. The good news is there is no way you can see who viewed your Snapchat profile.

who viewed your snapchat profile

So, if you have been stalking someone for quite a while, and you are worried they will be notified about your small-stalking act, you can rest assured that it is absolutely safe to view the profile of the Snapchat users without getting caught.

The only thing you need to ensure is that you don’t capture the screenshot of their profile or view it on the Snap Map.

Now, this leads us to an important question “can you see who views your public profile on Snapchat?” or “can someone see if you view their Snapchat profile?”

In this guide, you’ll learn how to see who viewed your Snapchat profile.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

How to See Who Viewed Your Snapchat Profile

Unfortunately, you cannot see who viewed your profile on Snapchat as there is no default option to track down the Snapchat profile views. A few Snapchat profile viewer apps are available in the market but sadly none of them is useful. This means you’ll need to think outside of the box to see who is snooping around on your profile.

However, tracking the user’s activities on Snapchat is so far the easiest way to know if someone has been stalking or viewing your Snapchat profile. If they have been viewing all your stories, tracking your location, capturing the screenshot of your posts and other pages, then that’s a clear sign they are stalking your profile.

Do You Get Notification When Someone Views Your Snapchat Profile?

There is a big difference between viewing someone’s profile or stalking their account. Though stalking is mostly harmless, it can sometimes lead to serious issues. This is especially true when stalking turns into harassment.

One thing that sets Snapchat apart from other social media sites is the fact that it sends you a notification as soon as someone captures a screenshot of your profile or views your Snap Map.

For example, if a friend checks your location by tapping your Bitmoji, you will be notified about the same.

But you can’t get notified when someone views your Snapchat profile.

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