When You Add Someone on Whatsapp, Can They See Your Phone Number?

Social media platforms totally rule the digital universe, and they’ve come a long way since their beginning. From Myspace to TikTok, Facebook to Instagram, and beyond, they’ve become a part of our lives. Around the mid-2000s, Myspace was the OG. It was all about customizing your profile with sparkly backgrounds, music playlists, and the infamous “Top 8” friends list drama. Then came Facebook, the cool kid on the block, exclusive to college students at first.

when you add someone on whatsapp, can they see your phone number

Then, Snapchat got us sending disappearing messages and stories. It was like, “Here’s my life for 24 hours, enjoy!” And we did. It got us into streaks and face-swapping for fun, and we couldn’t stop snapping.

In 2010, TikTok came along, and it was like Vine’s cooler cousin. Short videos, catchy music, and endless trends made it an instant hit. You could go viral with a dance challenge or a funny skit, and you didn’t even need to leave your room.

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about WhatsApp. More specifically, we’ll discuss if someone can see your phone number when you add them.

When You Add Someone on Whatsapp, Can They See Your Phone Number?

Let’s dive straight into it: when you add someone’s phone number on WhatsApp, are they able to see your phone number, too? Well, unless you give them your number or call them/message them on WhatsApp, there’s no way for them to get your phone number.

We do understand that this is a little confusing, so give us a moment to clarify.

You see, on WhatsApp, if you wish to add someone, you require their phone number. Another way to add someone is to do so after they’ve already contacted you on WhatsApp, such as by messaging or calling you.

However, if all you’ve done is add their number without giving them yours and not having contacted them, they will not have access to your phone number.

On the other hand, if you send them a message or call them on WhatsApp, they will get your phone number. Needless to say, all your contacts already have your phone number.

How to hide your phone number from someone on WhatsApp?

Now, let’s say you added someone on WhatsApp, and they did the same. However, you had some sort of falling out, as a result of which you do not wish for them to be able to contact you anymore. So, is there a way for you to remove your number from their device?

The answer, unfortunately, is no, you can’t. WhatsApp is big on privacy and security, but there’s a limit to its features. There’s no way for you to remove yourself as a contact from somebody else’s device.

The closest you can get to cutting all ties with someone on WhatsApp is blocking them. However, this also depends on the nature of the falling out and the desperation of the blocked user.

Blocking only prevents a user from contacting you on WhatsApp using the blocked number. Nothing is stopping them from using another device or phone number to contact you.

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