If i Hide My Story on Facebook Will the Person Know?

Social networking applications like Facebook are interesting, but because of the rising fraud on the platform, there may occasionally be a cost for revealing too much. We don’t need to emphasize how important online safety is since one small mistake might have terrible consequences. The application regularly offers features for people who value privacy and is user-friendly. You have the choice to block and unfriend someone!

if i hide my story on facebook will the person know

You can also keep your stories hidden from certain people and share them with the rest. Yes, you can choose who gets to watch your content.

Today’s pressing question is, if I hide my story on Facebook, will the person know? While many Facebook users have been actively using the feature, there are still a few doubts. But don’t worry; we’re here to dispel all the confusion!

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If I Hide My Story on Facebook Will the Person Know?

Get this straight: Facebook will never notify you when you choose to hide your story from certain users. This feature aims to provide you with the privacy you deserve, not to snitch on you.

So, technically, if you hide your story on Facebook, the person will never know about it directly from the app! You may sigh in relief, knowing they will never receive a formal confirmation of the same.

However, let’s not undervalue the effectiveness of workarounds! Yes, you read this right. Users of social media are getting wiser by the second, and they work past feature limitations! For instance, if you hide your Facebook story from them in this situation, they may search for clues.

If you want to learn about these workarounds, read the upcoming section!

They could have seen it using a fake or secondary account

Anyone who uses social media knows how many fake accounts there are on Facebook. There are those who use fake accounts for additional privacy or to stalk someone!

Many of us may have additional accounts here for various purposes. Of course, they’re not fake if everybody knows the real person behind the profile!

Our biggest issue is that even if you’ve hidden your story from a Facebook friend, they continue to see it. Have you also muted them from their secondary account? Perhaps you only remembered their primary account and forgot the other one, leading them to view your story!

You can still make up for the damage by deleting the story, muting it on their secondary account, and then re-posting the story. But what if the person is using a fake account to view your story? You would never have an idea about it!

In such instances, we recommend only displaying your stories to your Facebook friends and not to everyone on the app. Have you fixed your Facebook story settings to only friends?

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