How to Search Facebook Posts by Date and Month

It is the day and age of social media, and we rarely find people without an account on these platforms. No matter how private a person is, they will always be on at least one of these platforms, don’t you think? The social media craze has reached the common masses, celebrities, influencers, and the business world. You can better advertise your product and services and connect directly with your fans. After all, the online world makes it easier to connect with your target audience, right?

search facebook posts by date and month

The social media space is brimming with platforms for different age groups and interests today. But some apps have given fierce competition to other social media apps, and they stay at the top of their games for all good reasons. If we have to name one such app that has taken the work by storm since its debut a decade ago, it must be Facebook.

We will talk about how to search Facebook posts by date and month today. Let us discuss the topic in more detail in the blog. How does it sound to you?

How to Search Facebook Posts by Date and Month

Do you want to search Facebook posts with the date and month filters applied? We are quite aware of how challenging it is to go through the chaos of images to find a particular one posted on a certain day and in a particular month. However, Facebook makes things simple, which is a good thing.

Filtering your posts by date and month is possible; however, it truly depends on the device you are signed into. Users of mobile devices should be aware that the Facebook lite app offers more precise search tools than Facebook’s desktop or main apps.

We make this claim based on the fact that both the desktop and main Facebook apps offer the ability to filter out posts only up to specific years. But you can filter the posts up to a particular day using the Facebook lite app.

Using the Facebook main app

You should know certain criteria if you use the Facebook main app. To begin, you can only filter the Facebook posts by year and no specific dates and months. But you can search for posts from anyone, you, your friends, your groups and pages, or public posts. Besides, the main app also gives filters for the tagged location, making the searches more precise.

Steps to use the Facebook main app:

Step 1: Go and launch the Facebook app on your device. If you aren’t already signed in, log in using your sign-in credentials.

Step 2: You will see the search icon at the top of the page. Please go ahead and click on it.

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