How to Read Messenger Messages without Being Seen

Facebook Messenger is an excellent communication tool, but it can also be quite intrusive. We don’t always want to respond to a message right away for whatever reason, but we also don’t want to appear impolite by ignoring it. We are not always in the best position to see what they have written to us when a notification arrives. We might be working and won’t have time to answer to that individual, or we might just not want to talk to them at that moment.

read messenger messages without being seen

But, in all of these cases, the basic issue is the same: we want to read what they’ve written to us without our friend or acquaintance posting the glad “seen” on social media. In this discussion, we’ll go through all of the several methods you can do this on Facebook Messenger.

How to know if a message has been sent, received, or seen in Messenger?

The indicator of seen for messages in each social network can be different. It’s indicated by a double blue check in WhatsApp, for example, indicating that our friend has received and read the message. It’s different in the case of Facebook Messenger.

The sign of a circle with a single check inside represents the confirmation of “message sent.” The inside of the circle is filled with blue when this text is received by the contact with whom we want to initiate a conversation. Finally, when that individual receives our message, the circle sign vanishes, leaving their own profile picture in its place.

Let’s look at how to prevent received messages from displaying as viewed now that you know how to detect the different statuses of messages in this application.

How to Read Messenger Messages without Being Seen

A circle with a tick appears next to the text box when you send a message on Facebook Messenger. When the recipient opens it, this will vanish, and the person’s icon will take its place. This is how you can tell if it’s been read. You can’t turn off read receipts in Facebook Messenger, but there are workarounds that can help you regain control. The most efficient technique to prevent read receipts is to disable the app’s ability to communicate with the internet.

To do so, simply switch to Airplane or Flight mode. This can be found in your phone’s Settings menu or by pulling down from the top of the screen to see the fast access icons. Instead of opening the Facebook Messenger app when you initially receive the message, turn on Flight mode. Then, without the sender’s knowledge, open the app and read the new message. On your phone, there’s no visible way to tell if this was successful, but the sender will see merely a circle with a checkmark within to the right of the text bubble. The message has been sent when the inside of the circle is white, and it has been delivered when the circle is grey.

You should only re-open the Facebook Messenger app once you’ve decided that you’re free to engage with the sender (having already turned off Flight Mode). This circle will now be replaced by your profile image, indicating that you have viewed the message.

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