How to Read Whatsapp Messages Without Being Seen [Updated 2023]

WhatsApp is one of the top social media messaging platforms worldwide. Although hundreds of similar platforms were there before WhatsApp, and hundreds have been launched since, none of them hold a candle to its popularity. Why do you think that is?

read whatsapp messages without being seen

For example, Telegram and Messenger were launched before WhatsApp, which is why they both had around a billion monthly active users during their peak popularity period. However, since the launch of WhatsApp, no other similar platform has ever risen to fame except Tinder and Bumble, both primarily dating platforms.

The main reason behind WhatsApp’s rise to fame and popularity is a very popular business term: dependency. The creators of WhatsApp have made the users highly but unconsciously dependent on the platform. Everyone has WhatsApp, so anyone who needs to connect with anyone should have WhatsApp.

However, dependency is much more complex than that, and it doesn’t come into play until much later. The first thing WhatsApp provides its users is quality service and regular updates, which is pretty much it. It cannot be taught, and it cannot be bought.

Listening to customer reviews and working to resolve any issues is the first step, and adding essential features the users didn’t know they needed comes second. Consistency in both is the most crucial step, and it’s what got WhatsApp where it is today.

Even though it’s been years since it became popular, and people will use the platform even if they don’t particularly like it at this point, WhatsApp still rolls out new updates regularly. If that’s not quality service, we don’t know what is.

In today’s blog, we’ll talk about whether or not you can read WhatsApp messages without being seen.

How to Read Whatsapp Messages Without Being Seen

Read receipts are what we commonly call read receipts. Whenever you see a message on WhatsApp, the other person finds out about it because the two tiny ticks on the message turn blue.

You can escape this by turning off your read receipts. That way, no one can really tell whether or not you’ve seen their message.

However, WhatsApp is a large social media platform that doesn’t believe in discrimination among its users and values their privacy above all else. So, if others can’t see your read receipts, you can’t see theirs, too.

We’d suggest going ahead with it because read receipts aren’t worth the overthinking they bring in. Turn off that toggle button, and it might just help you not care about their messages for real.

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Step 2: The first screen that you’ll see is your Chats. You’ll see the three dots icon at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on it.

 read whatsapp messages without being seen

Step 3: A drop-down menu will appear. Tap on the last option on that menu called Settings.

 read whatsapp messages without being seen

Step 4: On the Settings page, tap on the first option called Account.

read whatsapp messages without being seen

Step 5: Again, tap on the first item on the Account page called Privacy.

Step 6: Scroll down on the Privacy page to locate the option called Read receipts with a toggle button right next to it. By default, it is turned on. Turn it off, and you’re good to go.

read whatsapp messages without being seen

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