Can You See if Someone is Typing to Someone Else on Whatsapp?

When texting was initially introduced, people were stunned by the concept of sending a letter and receiving one back immediately. All those weeks of waiting for someone’s reply to a simple question like ‘how was your day?’ and ‘what did you eat for lunch?’ must get boring really fast.

can i tell when whatsapp contact is typing to someone else

However, the texting game has come far from where it began. People receive replies to their texts in mere seconds, and the cost of texting is nowhere near what it used to be. Moreover, today, you can even tell when your message was seen, whether they’re typing out an answer for you or if you’ve been left on read. Who would’ve thought?

If you’re mad at someone or don’t want to talk to them anymore, you can even block them, stopping all communication from their side in a second. Or, as a bonus, you can even call and talk to them or listen to their voice over a recording just as fast!

You might’ve guessed it already, but if you haven’t, we’re talking about WhatsApp! The platform has amassed over two billion MAUs (monthly active users) in the thirteen years following its launch. Managing a userbase as large as this with users from all over the world is not easy, but they sure make it look like a piece of cake.

You might be aware of the latest update by WhatsApp, which includes a feature that allows you to choose the contacts who can see your online status.

This is what we’re talking about; WhatsApp manages to keep all its users happy while simultaneously introducing new and exciting features. We didn’t know we needed these features but have come to understand their value over time.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the possibility of finding out if a WhatsApp contact is chatting with someone else. Stay with us until the end to learn all about it!

Can I Tell When WhatsApp Contact is Typing to Someone Else?

Let’s get to the main topic: is it possible for a WhatsApp user to find out if one of their contacts is chatting with someone else on the platform?

Technically, no. There is no option or feature on WhatsApp that’ll let you know if one of your contacts is texting someone else. Not only does it sound absurd for you to have knowledge of that, but it’s also a massive invasion of privacy.

Think about it; you’re chatting with one of your friends during what’s supposed to be your study time, and your mother finds out about it. Don’t think that this feature is very good now, do you?

So, we’re sorry that you can’t just find out if one of your friends is talking to someone else on WhatsApp.  However, don’t worry; we’ll not hang you out to dry. There are a couple of tips and cues you can notice to find out if one of your contacts is chatting with someone else. Although these won’t tell you the correct answer with a guarantee, it will be a strong assumption.

How to Tell if Whatsapp Conatct is Typing to Someone Else

If you can see that your best friend is online but isn’t texting you, it’s obvious that they must be texting someone else. Don’t worry; you can also test this theory in just a minute.

Send them a simple message, asking them a normal question, or even a ‘hey’ would do. If they still appear online but don’t reply to you, then they’re busy talking to someone else.

If they reply, then try to keep the conversation going. If they’re taking too much time between replies, doesn’t it feel like they’re trying to keep chatting with two people at once? 

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