How to Fix This Phone Number Cannot be Used for Verification

Did you have to halt your new Gmail account making procedure only to get slapped with This phone number cannot be used for verification warning? If you haven’t come across this message, you are one lucky person.

this phone number cannot be used for verification

In case you weren’t aware, there are some restrictions on the amount of separate Gmail accounts you may open with a single unique phone number. It would come when you are required to input your phone number in order to receive a verification code on your phone.

The notification serves as a reminder that you have hit the maximum number of Google accounts that can be created for a single phone number.

To avoid this, you must therefore find a different approach. If you’re here to find the answer, we’d be happy to help.

How to Fix This Phone Number Cannot be Used for Verification

Method 1: Use Google Voice Number for Verification

If you keep encountering this issue when trying to set up a Gmail account with your current phone number, we believe it’s time for you to switch numbers. We assure you that the procedure is effortless and works as well.

You can still create a Google Voice account if you don’t have a second phone number. It would assign you a new phone number. You might use this number to register your Gmail account.

Also, if you don’t wish to create another account, you could even use the numbers of your family or a friend. This would make your work easier as well. In this case, you must remember to remove the number from your account settings afterward.

Method 2: Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number

Social media, the internet, and smartphones have changed the way we live. Although it has undoubtedly made our lives easier, we cannot deny that it has become the standard for us to post our personal information on several websites. 

We occasionally experience issues, despite the fact that entering your phone numbers has become absurdly normal. Many of us have been using Gmail for so long that we can’t even remember when we first started! 

But how many of you also know that you may open a new Gmail account without giving your phone number? Not many, as far as we can tell.

According to Google, They use your number to Reset your password if you forget it, Receive video calls & messages, and make Google services, including ads, more relevant to you.

They won’t make your number public.

So, we’re here to assist you with setting up a Gmail account without providing your phone number. It would assist in resolving the phone number verification issue you are facing. Also, it would assist those who do not wish to share this information, whether or not it is private.


This blog has ended, and we discussed how to fix “this phone number cannot be used for verification.” We discovered that this problem arises when we attempt to set up a new Google account.

We informed you that you might open a new Gmail account without providing a phone number. We also gave you the essential instructions for setting up a new Gmail account. Then, we instructed you to use a temporary number.

So, were you able to fix this situation and effectively manage your Google account?

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