How to Use WhatsApp Without Showing Online

Chat on WhatsApp Without Showing Online: With over 2 billion active users across 180 different countries, WhatsApp is certainly a crowded platform today. And while there are many advantages of this dense network, it comes with its own disadvantages as well.

chat on whatsapp without showing online

For instance, if you open WhatsApp today, almost everyone you know, from your boss to your pesky cousin to the neighborhood kid, is on the platform and can see that you’re online. Although the platform launches some or other new update every week, they’re yet to launch where you can hide your online visibility.

Yes, you do get a choice to hide your last seen status, but how much can it really help when you’re chatting with someone online? Because chatting is a continuous activity, someone or the other is bound to see you online, and if you haven’t replied to their message yet, be prepared to hear an earful.

Are you wondering about a way to get rid of this hassle once and for all? Seeking a way of chatting with people on WhatsApp without worrying about online visibility? That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s blog. Let’s get started!

Can You Chat on Whatsapp Without Showing Online? 

Without much further ado, let’s address the central question you’re here to ask: is it possible to chat without appearing online? Well, you might’ve used other social media platforms that give you control over your online status. They have settings that, when enabled, can make you appear offline all the time, regardless of whether or not you use the platform during that time.

But WhatsApp is not one of those platforms. Because it was designed specifically to enable chatting, the visibility of users’ online status is seen as a helpful feature for many, which is why their team is reluctant to get rid of it.

So, the answer to your question is: No, continually chatting on WhatsApp without appearing online is not possible. It is because chatting requires you to open your mobile app, and as soon as you do that, you’ll appear online.

While our answer might’ve come as a disappointment to you, don’t be upset yet. We have other ways of helping you use WhatsApp without appearing online. Let’s check those out now, shall we?

How to Use WhatsApp Without Showing Online (Notification Window Trick)

While chatting on WhatsApp without appearing online isn’t possible as of now, if you simply want to reply to someone’s message without going online, that is certainly doable. 

Do you know how you receive a new notification for every incoming WhatsApp message? Unless, of course, you’ve switched off your notifications from the settings. 

So, if you’ve paid attention to your notifications recently, you’ll notice how they have an option of REPLY given right below the message. If you tap on this option, a keyboard will pop up on your screen, giving you the opportunity to reply to it then and there without needing to open the app.

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