What Does it Mean When i Can See a Person’s Profile Picture, Last Seen and Status on Whatsapp but Only 1 Grey Tick?

Single grey tick, double grey ticks, double blue ticks- we know these signs and what they mean, like the back of our hands! When you see 1 grey tick, your message has been sent; 2 ticks of the same color, the recipient has received it. The two blue ticks ultimately indicate that your intended audience has seen the message! Mission complete!

what does it mean when i can see a person's profile picture, last seen and status on whatsapp but only 1 grey tick

We eagerly wait for the ticks to change to blue, but hey, WhatsApp has tactics in place that make it difficult for each user to spot those blue ticks. Do you get what we mean?

You see how we can all turn off our read receipts, right? It means even if someone sees your message, there’s no way you’d know about it using the blue tick formula. You need to look for cues, and that’s pretty much about it.

Having said that, let’s go back to the reason we’re all here today. So, you need answers to What it means when you can see a person’s profile picture, last seen, and status on Whatsapp but only 1 grey tick, correct?

We understand that uncertainty and confusion may cloud your judgment. However, we have answers here. So, buckle up and stick with us until the end.

What Does it Mean When i Can See a Person’s Profile Picture, Last Seen and Status on Whatsapp but Only 1 Grey Tick?

We’re here to handle the issue you raised, but first, let’s use a round of elimination to clear up one existing confusion. Does it sound good?

Well, with this question, there’s this one dreaded question in almost every user’s mind: Am I blocked? But this can’t be the case because when you’re blocked, you can’t see the person’s profile picture, last seen, as well as their status.

Hence, don’t stress about it. With blocking out of the way, we’ll investigate the many meanings of the single grey tick on WhatsApp. Are you prepared to dig in? Let’s do it now.

The recipient isn’t online

Yes, there are situations when the cause is that obvious. Simply said, the user is not active on WhatsApp! Now, you may wonder whether they’ve not opened WhatsApp yet or their internet is turned off.

You see, the one circumstance where the one grey tick may display is if the person’s internet is turned off. If they have turned on their data or wifi, the one tick becomes two grey ticks.

In such cases, you must wait for the person to be online, so the single grey tick changes to double grey ticks or blue ticks, indicating the messages have been delivered or seen.

Blame it on a weak internet connection

Do you know what we say when the lone grey tick pops up when you send a message on WhatsApp? It’s what we refer to as the “let’s blame it on the bad internet connection” situation.

It’s a temporary glitch, so be patient, and soon enough, that grey tick will turn to two! If it’s your internet that’s acting up, then why don’t you switch it? For example, change your wifi with cellular data or vice versa!

Does it work? If not, sit in the corner where your net connection works stronger than anywhere. If nothing works or you feel your internet’s game is strong, we’re probably looking in the wrong direction! Let’s look for a better reason, shall we?

Are they using an outdated WhatsApp version?

Quick question: how long has it been since the target person updated their WhatsApp? Well, it’s not really possible to answer this question for someone else. But that answer can simplify things for you.

How? Assume they are using the most recent WhatsApp version. It indicates that we may go on to other explanations. However, if they say that they haven’t updated their app in a while, the fix could be there.

Sometimes, not updating the app can cause a glitch, which results in a single grey tick. Don’t worry; it’s a temporary problem and can easily be resolved once the person updates their app. Now, would you want to know how to update your WhatsApp? Follow the step guide below.

Steps to update WhatsApp:

Step 1: Launch the Google Play store or the App Store on your phones.

Step 2: Now, navigate to the search icon and type in WhatsApp.

Step 3: Upon doing so, WhatsApp will appear on the screen. Please click on it to proceed.

Step 4: Is there an Update option available? Tap on it and let the app update successfully.

If the app is up-to-date, we must look for other reasons! But if it was, hopefully, the problem would be solved.

They have uninstalled the app

It seems we got it right this time- they’ve uninstalled the WhatsApp app from their phone. Yes, this is yet another possible reason why you can only see one grey tick.

Do not mix deleting WhatsApp with uninstalling the application from your smartphone. You wouldn’t be able to see the profile image, any status updates, or last seen if the app was deleted!

However, uninstalling the app doesn’t affect these things! Perhaps they’ve temporarily deleted it to create space, or it became too distracting, so they have been using WhatsApp web for a while. In such cases, you must wait for the person to reinstall the app so the messages get delivered soon!

In the end

That’s it, fellow WhatsApp users; we’re here to wrap up our conversation! Seeing a single grey tick on WhatsApp is common; hence, worrying is unnecessary.

Check which of the several explanations for the one grey tick that we have provided relates to your situation. Here’s some advice: read each of them and cross-check every possibility to understand what’s going on.

If you liked our answer, please drop your comments below. Check out our website for more tech-related tips and tricks!

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