How to Turn Off Predictive Text on Whatsapp

If you’re reading this on your smartphone, we believe it’s safe to assume that going a day without using your smartphone would be unthinkable to you. And you needn’t feel bad about it, because we’re all in the same boat. True, our lives today would not be the same without smartphones. But what’s even more surprising is the fact that things weren’t always like this. In fact, these devices weren’t even around 30 years ago.

turn off predictive text on whatsapp

The first smartphone was invented in 1992; and while this is common knowledge for many, what you might not know is that predictive text was invented soon after.

The technology of predictive text – wherein your device suggests the words you’re about to write, either from the first letter or context – was invented as early as 1995. This machine learning-based technology has helped countless people save time and effort in text conversations.

However, for all the support predictive text can provide you with, it also has its own limitations. For instance, when you’re texting alongside doing other work and happen to pay lesser attention to the former, predictive text can come to your aid. But if not double-checked, it can also change the entire meaning of what you wanted to say.

Now that’s not something you’d want, right? Most of us netizens converse with friends, colleagues, clients, and associates over WhatsApp. And while the platform has provided us with a way of erasing faulty messages, that doesn’t stop the recipient from asking what the “deleted text” contained, does it?

If the predictive text feature has made your life on WhatsApp difficult? Well, fret not, for we’re here to put your worries to rest. Stick with us till end of this blog to learn everything about disabling predictive text on WhatsApp. Let’s get started!

How to Turn Off Predictive Text on Whatsapp?

Before stretching our conversation any further, we’ll clarify one thing for you right away: it is not possible to turn off predictive text on WhatsApp.

Yes, you read that right. But before you start thinking that we’re here to trick you – and not resolve your query, hear us out. You cannot disable predictive text on WhatsApp because the platform has no such feature.

The control of predictive text can’t be found on WhatsApp because it lies in your smartphone’s settings itself. Predictive text is linked directly to your device’s keyboard and, therefore, comes into play wherever you use it, both on WhatsApp and outside of it.

This is what we wanted to share with you before showing you how to turn off predictive text on your smartphone. Once you go ahead with the process, your predictive texts will disappear not just from WhatsApp but from your keyboard altogether.

Of course, you can turn it back on anytime you like, but still. It’s only reasonable to explain to you the consequences of the action we’re going to talk about next.

Turning off predictive text for Android devices: A step-by-step process

It is no secret to any smartphone user that Android and iOS devices have significantly different user interfaces. Because of that, the process of altering or controlling a function or feature is different on both devices.

Below, we’ll walk you through the process of turning off predictive text on Android devices. Take a look:

Step 1: Go to the app menu grid of your smartphone and navigate a grey cogwheel icon on it.

Upon finding the icon, tap on it. It’ll open up the Settings app on your device.

Step 2: On your Settings, can you spot a search bar on top? Type keyboard in this search bar and hit Enter.

You’ll find the Keyboard option appearing in the search results next. Tap on it, and you’ll land on the Language & input tab.

Step 3: Depending on whichever smartphone you’re using (Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, or a different brand), you’ll find any of these options mentioned on this tab:

Text correction


Spell Checker

Predictive text

These options will either have a toggle switch or ON/OFF option next to them. Since you’re already facing issues with predictive text, it indicates your setting on turned on.

All you need to do now is turn it off, and your job will be done.

Turning off predictive text for iOS devices: A step-by-step process

This step-by-step guide is for our iOS-using readers. If you’re fed up of autocorrect messing up with your text messages, here’s the process of fixing it for good. Pay attention:

Step 1: Unlock your iphone and look for the grey cogwheel icon – a shortcut to your Settings – on your homescreen. Give it a tap when you find it.

Step 2: Once you’ve landed in your Settings, search for keyboard by entering the term in the search bar displayed on top and hitting the blue search button from your keyboard.

Step 3: When the Keyboards option appears in your search results, give it a tap. You’ll be taken to your keyboard settings upon doing so.

Here, scroll down to the ALL KEYBOARDS section; you’ll find 5 options listed within it:


Check Spelling

Smart Punctuation

Character Preview

“.” Shortcut

Each option will have toggle switches next to them. Turn off the one placed next to the first option – Auto-Correction – and you’ll be free from predictive texts for good!

Wrapping Things Up

With that, we’re ready to wrap up our blog. We began today’s discussion contemplating how predictive text – technology designed to simplify texting for humans – can end up hurting your interests in some cases.

A large number of our readers have confessed to struggling with the auto-correction on their smartphone – especially on WhatsApp. This is why we’ve talked elaborately about tackling the problem the right way above.

Whether you use an Android or an iOS device, you’ll find a solution custom-made for you above. If there’s something we missed or could do better, please feel free to tell us in the comments section below!

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