How to Know if Someone Declines Your Call on Whatsapp

WhatsApp is the most favored instant messenger app in the country right now, and not because of stellar marketing or exciting features, but purely because of its problem-solving approach. Since the time of its inception, the platform has always catered to the pressing needs of the hour. In the beginning, it was meant to have instant message conversations. By introducing voice and video calls, it solved yet another problem for the users.

know if someone declines your call on whatsapp

In today’s blog, we will attempt to address some of the commonly asked questions about WhatsApp calls. Stick with us till the end to learn about them all!

How to Know if Someone Declines Your Call on Whatsapp?

It’s no cakewalk figuring out if your call was not answered or simply hung up on WhatsApp. Therefore, the platform has a policy of maintaining transparency in matters like these. Confused about what we’re trying to say here?

Well, any time someone declines your call on WhatsApp, you’ll be shown a brief Call Declined message flashing on your screen automatically. So, you no longer have to keep guessing about such trivial things.

We understand that it might not be the most pleasant notification to receive, especially when or if you’re calling someone about an urgent or time-sensitive thing.

However, it’s important not to lose your calm in such moments and be open to listening to what the next party might have to say with a considerate view.

After all, if it’s someone who matters to you and you two are close, there’s no reason they’d do it on a whim, is there?

Calling vs. Ringing on WhatsApp: Is there a difference?

As long as we’re on the subject of WhatsApp calls, there are a few other questions that our readers have been asking just as commonly. We’d like to answer them all here one by one.

Starting off, let’s discuss Calling vs. Ringing on WhatsApp. You know how upon calling someone on WhatsApp, you always see one of these two terms on the screen; ever wonder what they indicate? Allow us to spill the beans about it.

When you call someone, and it says Calling, it indicates that your calling is not reaching them at the moment. This could be because they’ve turned their data off, are in an area with low or poor internet connectivity, or perhaps their battery ran out.

Regardless of the reason, it’s best to try calling on their phone number in case of an emergency because you can’t expect their callback on WhatsApp anytime soon.

On the other hand, when it says Ringing when you send someone a WhatsApp call, it indicates quite the opposite. It is a symbol that the next person is receiving your call just alright and are free to reject or accept it.

Now, it might be that they’re away from their phones currently if they don’t respond. But let’s be honest, for how long can any of us really be away from our phones in truth?

What does it mean if my WhatsApp call is declined after one ring?

Did you try to call someone on WhatsApp, and the call got declined right away? Well, there are two possible reasons behind it; the first one is more serious than the second one.

It is a traditional consequence of being blocked by someone that every time you try to call them, it gets declined after the first ring. Perhaps, this could have happened to you as well.

Before you get distressed, we’re here to remind you that it’s pretty easy to figure out if you’ve been blocked by someone on WhatsApp today. There are several glaring signs of it, and you just need to cross-check a couple of others to verify your situation.

The first one is a permanently removed DP, and the second includes an ever-unchanging single grey tick under the messages you send them. Quickly check for these to gain some clarity.

If, upon digging deeper, you found out that blocking wasn’t the issue here, then you have nothing to worry about at all. The other potential reason is that they might be indulged in something important and choose to hang up immediately.

Wait for them to call back, in this case. Keeping an eye out for their texts is a great idea as well.

The bottom line

This brings us to the end of today’s blog. We hope you enjoyed exploring WhatsApp calls just as much as we did while learning along the side.

By launching WhatsApp calls, Instagram has indeed simplified the lives of countless users, especially those who have friends and families overseas. While we’ve answered three common questions about these calls above, if you have more of those, we’d love to address them as well.

Mail us your question at the address mentioned at the bottom, or drop it in the comments section below!

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