5 Cool Features Only Whatsapp User Will Understand

Whatsapp is the hottest word among youngsters. It is one of the most popular messaging sites, with 1.4 billion active users. Almost every month, new WhatsApp features are added, making it more exciting and an excellent addition to its popularity. Whatsapp has suppressed all of its competitors, such as Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, and Twitter, and has become one of the best apps. One research shows that people tend to check their whatsapp after every hour even if they are busy playing games at new online casinos. The fact is that no matter how addicted they are to their gambling activities, whatsapp still manages to steal the light with a single ping. Here are the five excellent features that only WhatsApp users will understand.

Delete The Message Immediately

There are a lot of times when we can send some sensitive message to someone because we are in an angry mood, or there will be an awkward situation when we send the wrong message to others or some weird and bold image that we don’t want to send. Still, unfortunately, due to inappropriate touch, it has been sent.

In such situations, this feature of WhatsApp is exceptionally beneficial because it allows you to delete the message immediately by clicking it and selecting the option “unsend it for everyone.” When many competitors saw this feature on WhatsApp, they started to copy it to attract their users, but in reality, this is the feature that WhatsApp introduced first.

Star Some Important Message For You

Sometimes, when someone conveys an important message, it gets misplaced because of a lot of conversation, and in the end, we regret the situation and why we didn’t copy or save the news in our notes. To avoid such conditions, Whatsapp offers users an exciting feature enabling them to start an important message and directly navigate toward a critical one.

Mute Conversation

Imagine a situation in which you are in a meeting or seriously discussing some vital topic with someone, or you are in the class preparing for an assignment with a tight deadline. In any such situation, your mobile is continuously vibrating with popping notifications of your friend asking Which online casinos accept eCheck as a payment method? Wouldn’t that be irritating?

To avoid all these conditions, WhatsApp allows users to mute unimportant conversations. If you don’t want to talk to someone or if someone irritates you, you always have the authority to quieten him. And the best thing is that you can select the time duration until which you want the conversation to be on mute. So, you won’t have to worry about muting a vital conversation and then forgetting to turn it back on.


Privacy is a big concern for everyone. Private conversation mode lets you send a message without knowing what’s happening. This feature is suitable when sending passwords, sharing credit card numbers, or some critical screenshots. Another unique part of end-to-end encryption is that you and only the user you are sending can read the message. This is one of the best features as one is sure that his chat and information are private, and no one can read this information.

Enable You To Check Who Has Read Your Message

We all know that WhatsApp offers a feature to send a message to a friend or an office group. When conveying the news in a group, we often want to check who has read the statement or whether the notice has been given to everyone. This feature is essential in that if you find that person has not read the message, you will directly send them in private to avoid inconvenience.

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