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My Vodafone Login Call History: We are all familiar with India’s thriving telecommunication sector and the significant shift it has seen in recent times. With all the buzz that today’s smartphones are surrounded with, there’s one detail to actually take into account: the call history. Your call history is a personalized database of all the data your phone captures during a call. Call history collects details such as call time, duration, number, and caller ID.

vodafone call history

And on occasion, these records are utilized for a variety of purposes, whether it’s to keep a watchful eye on your unfaithful spouse or to verify whether a friend called you at a particular time and you missed it. So, if you really need to know the call history of a specific phone number, we can promise you that it is easy.

So, no need to rack your brain because there are both direct as well as indirect approaches that can assist you in your quest. How? To begin with, every telecommunications company that offers your service keeps track of your calls. Today, we’re going to talk about how to get people’s call history, particularly the Vodafone number. Vodafone India, currently known as Vi, is one of the most prominent players in the Indian telecom market.

People in India have seen this telecom network bloom before faltering and rebounding to cement its position in the Indian telecom sector.

This guide has everything that you need to know about how to check Vodafone call history online.

And let me be clear about something:

This comprehensive guide NOT only shows you how to view incoming and outgoing call details of your Vodafone number. You’re also going to learn exactly how to check call history of any Vodafone number and retrieve deleted call logs.

In this in-depth guide you’ll learn:

  • Get Vodafone call history of all time
  • Request for last three call details
  • Recover deleted call logs
  • And lots more

So if you want to get the call history of Vodafone prepaid or postpaid number in 2022, you’ll love this new guide.

Sound good? Let’s dive right in…

Why You Should Check Vodafone Call History?

There are so many situations in which might you want to check Vodafone calls and SMS details online such as:

  • Keep eye on your spouse’s, family or friends call activity
  • Track your kids call details to prevent a troublesome situation
  • Just want to know the caller number

How to Check Vodafone Call History

Till now you know what is call history, why you should check them and the importance of it. But the problem is most of the users don’t know about how to check the last three call records of Vodafone number in India.

So if you are among the people who want to view Vodafone call history then this ultimate guide is especially for you.

1. Spyic (Call History of Any Vodafone Number)

Spyic is a popular phone monitoring app that lets you check the call history of any Vodafone number. In addition, you can also check messages, phone location, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp message history.

It is available for both Android and iPhone devices and offers three different packages available at $39.00, 49.99, and 69.99.

Here’s how you can:

  • Create Spyic Account from your Android or iPhone device.

Spyic for Android OR Spyic for iPhone

  • Enter the required information and tap on the signup free button.
airtel call history
  • Select the target device operating system you want to check the call history.
airtel call history
  • Choose a plan according to your requirements and complete the payment.
airtel call history

Next, type the mobile number to check call details. Next screen, you will see the call details of all time.

airtel call history

2. Vodafone Call History Last 6 Months

  • First, Install the VI app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
vodafone call history
  • Open the app and it will ask you to enter your Vodafone number and tap on the get OTP via SMS option.
vodafone call history
  • Within 2-3 seconds you will receive OTP on your mobile number and login to your account.
  • Tap on the History option available at the bottom of the screen and next you will see the Recharges and Deduction & Usage History option.
vodafone call history
  • Tap on the Deduction & Usage History option and here you will see call history of last 6 months.

3. Sending SMS to view the call history  

The next available option for Vodafone customers is to check their call history through SMS. This might just be the most practical choice, and no, we are not referring solely to Vodafone. Keeping track of call history isn’t always as simple as people make it out to be. Occasionally, the operation will be delayed, or the approach will simply not function. Besides, if you’re someone who frequently checks for call history for any reason, we’re guessing the SMS technique is the one you use the most for any network operator.

But before we get into the approach, let’s have a look at what this method can and can’t do for Vodafone-idea consumers. To begin with, obtaining the current month’s bill is unlikely. You’ll have to wait till the month is through to get the information. Let’s say it’s March 29, 2022, so you can look at your call history up to February. Furthermore, using this process, you will be able to obtain records for the previous six months one at a time. You can’t just enter in the last six months’ worth of information in an SMS and expect the data to surface.

The Vodafone-idea SMS function isn’t designed for that, and if you want that, maybe wait for the next update? So, now that we have set the record straight, how do we proceed with this method?

All you have to do now is open your mobile device’s SMS service and type 12345 into the recipient field. The only thing left to do is type in EBILL MONTH NAME. And there’s more: Vi just wants you to input the month’s first three letters. If you require call history for the month of February, just write EBILL FEB and hit enter.

4. Taking help from the Vi customer service team

We are all conscious of the significance of customer service teams in the telecom business. Like every other sector, Telecom operators have prioritized their customer service teams, and why not? Customers are the most critical aspect of any network, and this industry is fiercely competitive in this aspect. Obviously, as technology progresses, their standards grow as well. 

As a result, network providers have begun to set stricter benchmarks. While some companies fail to do so, others, such as Vi, have championed this art of customer service. Furthermore, the telecom sector is more than simply about bills and payments. They now provide a wide range of services and products, and without competent customer service, their consumers would be displeased, resulting in a decline in their customer base. 

We’ll enlist the support of Vodafone’s skilled customer service team in this last section for direct ways for Vodafone subscribers to learn how to access their call history. At this stage, all Vodafone customers should be aware of Vi customer service number 199 for inquiries and requests. In addition, users can always call 198 to file a complaint.

So dial any of these numbers to speak with a customer service representative and follow the prompts to get the call history. If you contacted 199, Vodafone allows you to select a language and then press 3 and afterward 5.  

A quick tip: contacting a customer service representative to enquire about data deduction or data balance is one of the simplest methods to get in touch with an executive.

Final Words:

I hope you enjoyed this guide to view the call history of any Vodafone number.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say: Have you ever checked the Vodafone call details of another person in India?

If so, how did it go? Let us know in the comment section below.

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