How to Track Location of Someone’s Telegram Account

Telegram’s extensive feature set has helped it become well-known in the social media sector. The application has replaced other texting services for millions of people worldwide. The platform has undoubtedly acquired a devoted user base because of its infinite storage and media-compressing capabilities. You may join several channels which resemble groups in certain ways on the platform. The app works on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Additionally, you may plan and create visible or anonymous polls here too.

track location of someone's telegram account

These are only a part of why people are absolutely in love with this online platform. And, we fear, we cannot accommodate more for today. But we can tell you something else that many users seem to fret about on this platform.

Have you ever wondered how to track the location of someone’s Telegram account? We all find obnoxious people we sometimes need to wipe out from our accounts. Tracking their location is the first step to knowing whether they are bluffing about their location.

We will discuss this today so that you know how to avoid such troubles. So, keep up with us until the end to know everything related to this topic.

How to Track Location of Someone’s Telegram Account

The encrypted platform Telegram has made a point to respect the privacy of its users. Naturally, they don’t have a set protocol for disclosing a user’s IP address associated with their Telegram account.

You should be aware that using reliable third-party methods to obtain someone’s IP address is still possible on this platform. So, it would be best if you relied on these possible alternative assists now that Telegram is no longer a possibility. You must read the sections below in order to comprehend the concepts better.

Command prompt

Do you use Telegram on your computer or laptop or access it via the official mobile app? The question is important since now we will tell you how windows users can get someone’s IP address. So, if you can switch to windows, you should certainly follow this method.

Command prompt is a built-in feature on Windows that people use to execute commands for their system. Many of us use it, while some have heard of it. This feature is going to help you pull out someone’s IP address from Telegram, and you should know how.

Close any running applications before having short conversations with the targeted Telegram person through call or chat. Remember that being on call is better than chatting with them. These are the requirements for you in order to use this method effectively.

Steps to trace someone’s IP address via command prompt:

Step 1: Enter the Win + R button together to open the command prompt window.

Step 2: You should type in cmd in the run pop-up window and select ok.

Step 3: Type netstat –an command in the command prompt page and execute it.

The IP address from your target user will show up, assuming that you are already on a call or chatting with that person.

Grabify IP logger

Grabify IP logger is a third-party URL shortener that comes to your rescue to trace someone’s IP address. This website is free to use and is easily accessible.

No registration is required, and the tool does not ask you for personal information. The only prerequisite to using the tool is to have a clickbait URL that you are sure the target Telegram user will open. You should follow the steps below once you have found your desired link.

Steps to use Grabify IP logger to trace someone’s IP address:

Step 1: Go to Grabify’s official page on any website. You should follow this link.

Step 2: An empty space is present once you scroll down. You should enter the copied URL.

Step 3: Hit on the Create URL button next.

Step 4: A confirmation prompt will emerge on the screen. Agree to the onscreen instructions.

Step 5: The newly shortened URL is under the Link information category on the next page. Copy the New URL.

Step 6: Launch Telegram, paste the new link in the target user’s chatbox and ensure they follow it.

Step 7: Go to Grabify again and look at the Results category to find the IP address of the target Telegram user.

Using the People Nearby feature from Telegram

There is a feature in Telegram called “people nearby.” The name pretty much speaks for itself. It provides a list of users close by and displays their estimated distance from you.

The functionality is disabled for obvious security reasons by default. However, you may also determine the target user’s location using this feature if they have activated this option and is nearby.

We have to warn you that it’s possible that you won’t locate the target user here. However, we leave this choice open to see whether it works for you.

Steps to use the people nearby feature on Telegram:

Step 1: Launch the official Telegram app on your device.

Step 2: Is the three horizontal lines icon visible to you in the upper left corner? You must click on it.

track location of someone's telegram account

Step 3: You will easily spot the People nearby option in the menu. So, tap on it.

track location of someone's telegram account

You will find all the people as well as groups near your location.

In the end

We have now reached the end of this discussion. The topic we discussed revolved around Telegram and how to find someone’s IP address on this social media app. So, let us discuss the key takeaways of this blog.

We saw Telegram does not divulge this information publicly. But you have some tried-and-tested methods that can work out in your favor. You can use the command prompt, Grabify IP logger, and the people nearby feature from Telegram.

You should also tell us whether these methods have worked for you. We will wait to hear from you. You can follow us to read and solve your most recent technology-related issues.

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