How to Take Screenshot in Telegram Secret Chat

Telegram is full of cool features that are hardly found in other messaging apps. The app’s unique feature and interactive, colorful UI have made it a class apart from most of its contemporaries. While Telegram has loads of interesting features that make it a more socially exposed platform than other instant messaging apps, it also has enough features dedicated to protecting its users’ privacy and security.

take screenshot in telegram secret chat

The platform has taken care of providing everything its users might need and has incorporated several features to suit different segments of its ever-increasing user base. While many features cater to the needs of users seeking more socialization, many other features suit those who value their privacy more than others.

The Secret Chat feature has been made for the latter segment. It allows users to talk privately without any scope of an outside privacy breach. Among the fundamental features of secret chats is the inability to take screenshots. Chat participants seemingly cannot take screenshots of a secret chat screen.

If you are surfing the internet in search of a way to take screenshots in Telegram Secret Chat, you have arrived at the correct blog. Here, we will tell you whether this activity is possible, and if yes, how you can do that. Let’s first understand what Secret Chats are all about.

How to Take Screenshot in Telegram Secret Chat

You are asking the wrong question. The question is not how you can take screenshots in Telegram Secret Chat, but if you can take the screenshot.

We tried to find the best and simplest way for you to take screenshots in Telegram Secret Chats. But it was not late before we realized that it is just not possible without serious work like rooting your phone or downloading an untrustworthy third-party app, which we don’t recommend.

Unlike some other platforms like Snapchat, which send a notification that a screenshot has been taken, Telegram goes a step forward by blocking any screen captures in the first place. Sadly, there is no way to capture the screen other than taking a photo from another phone or a camera.

But, frankly, it all makes sense after all. Read on to discover why secret chats have been introduced in Telegram and why they are important.

What is the need for Secret Chats on Telegram?

Telegram differs from other instant messaging platforms in many ways but is also similar to some platforms in some ways.

For example, if you compare the qualities and features of Telegram with those of WhatsApp, you will realize just how different these two platforms are from each other. While WhatsApp is the more personal, simplistic, and minimalistic platform and a leader in the instant messaging space, Telegram is leagues ahead of WhatsApp when it comes to the diversification of features.

Although the two platforms are different in many ways, the most fundamental difference between the two- in the context of messaging experience- remains the type of encryption.

WhatsApp’s encryption technique:

We all know that WhatsApp Chats are end-to-end encrypted; the platform has made it known by uncountable ads and promotions. Put simply, no third party– not even WhatsApp- can read the messages you send to someone on WhatsApp.

When you type a message and hit the Send button, the message gets encrypted by a secure encryption technique. This encrypted message goes to WhatsApp servers that redirect it to the receiver device, where it is decrypted and shown to the recipient. The decryption can only occur at the destination. WhatsApp cannot decrypt the message. Security is almost guaranteed as no intermediary can read the messages.

Here’s where Telegram differs from WhatsApp in messaging experience.

Telegram’s encryption technique:

Unlike WhatsApp, which has end-to-end or client-client encryption– the client refers to the sender and receiver– Telegram uses client-server/server-client encryption by default.

In simple terms, when you hit the Send button on Telegram, the message gets encrypted and sent to Telegram’s servers. But then, Telegram can decrypt the message. These messages remain saved in the cloud for instant retrieval whenever you need them on any device. This decrypted message is encrypted again and sent to the recipient’s device, where it is decrypted again and shown to the recipient.

Since messages are forever saved in the cloud, you never need to worry about backups as you do in WhatsApp if you change or lose your device. You can log in anytime, anywhere, from any device and see the messages as they are.

The need for Secret Chats:

Although Telegram claims the above advantage as the primary reason for using this encryption technique by default, this technique puts the app lagging behind WhatsApp and some other apps in terms of privacy and security.

To fill this void, Telegram has in place Secret Chats to make up for the lost privacy by allowing users to use this secure interface within Telegram. Messages sent and received in a Secret Chat are end-to-end encrypted. Telegram cannot read the messages transferred via secret chats.

Secret Chats provide everything privacy enthusiasts need to keep their chats private. In fact, these chats surpass WhatsApp in terms of privacy and security. Here are the features of Telegram Secret Chats:

  • Conversations are end-to-end encrypted.
  • Messages cannot be copied or forwarded.
  • Photos, videos, and other media files cannot be saved to the device.
  • Chat participants can enable self-destructive messages, which disappear after a pre-specified time interval after viewing.
  • No screenshots can be taken.

These features ensure that the messages, photos, and everything else sent and received in secret chats is free from potential privacy breaches. In a nutshell, secret chats on Telegram are an advanced version of WhatsApp Chats.

Summing it up

Telegram Secret Chats provide users with a way to chat privately on the app with all the necessary features for ensuring strict privacy and security. The security restrictions of secret chats prevent the users from saving messages and taking screenshots, due to which there is no way to take screenshots on Telegram Secret Chat.

Secret Chats might be an important feature for many users who want to safeguard their messages. However, we will make sure to disclose any secrets on social media that might trouble you. So make sure to keep a tab on our blogs to be updated with such interesting topics.

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