Someone Added Me on Snapchat But It’s Not Showing Up, Why?

Has it ever happened to you? Someone knocks at your doorstep. You hear the knocking and rush to the door to see who is on the other side. But to your surprise, you can’t see anyone when you open the door. You try to locate a mischievous kid who must be likely behind this prank, but there is no one. Whoever was behind the door a few seconds ago is no longer there, and you are left perplexed and agitated.

someone added me on snapchat but it's not showing up, why

If you have experienced such a situation before, we don’t need to explain how it feels when something similar happens online. Someone adds you on Snapchat, and you get a notification. But when you open the app, you can not find them in the Added Me section.

You’re not alone if this issue is bugging you on Snapchat. Many Snapchatters are experiencing the same and want to know why it’s happening. We’re here to answer the questions. Stick with us till the end, and we will tell you what’s the matter and how you can fix it.

How does adding friends work on Snapchat?

Snapchat is mostly about friends. You can connect with your existing friends, catch up with old ones, and even meet strangers and make new friends. With all these possibilities, it’s common to receive a notification that says, “Kat Smith added you as a friend.”

Usually, when you receive this notification, the first thing you do is tap on the notification. You arrive at the Added Me list on Snapchat, which shows you the list of people who have added you. You can then add or remove people as you like.

However, you don’t always tap on the friend request notification as soon as it pops up. There are other things in life (and on Snapchat) more important than a Snapchat friend request. You might want to check it later.

Checking pending friend requests on Snapchat

The process to check pending friend requests on Snapchat is simple.

You just need to open Snapchat and log into your account. The Add Friends icon is at the top of the Camera tab, towards the top-right corner (a + sign with a silhouette).

The Add Friends section lets you discover and make new friends on Snapchat. It comprises two main parts: the Quick Add and the Added Me lists. While the Quick Add list contains suggestions of people who can potentially be your friends, the Added Me list contains those who have added you as a friend.

All pending friend requests are mentioned in the Added Me list. You can tap on +Accept to accept the request or hit the cross (×) button to ignore the request.

As is clear from the above discussion, seeing who added you as a friend and accepting or rejecting the request is pretty simple. So, if you cannot see the people who added you, it is natural to get confused. Let’s see why this might happen.

Someone Added Me on Snapchat But It’s Not Showing Up, Why?

As discussed earlier, all your pending friend requests are present on the Added Me list on Snapchat. But if you cannot see the people who have added you, two cases arise.

Case 1: One or more people are missing from the Added Me list

Sometimes, you might get a notification about a friend request on Snapchat but dismiss it at that time. But when you eventually open the app and look for the user in the Added Me list, you don’t find them.

In this case, the list might contain other people who have added you. But you can’t see a specific person you’re looking for. In other words, you can see the Added Me list but can’t see some specific users.

There are two reasons why this might happen:

Reason 1: The user unadded you

Clearly, this is the most obvious and simplest explanation of this issue. Many times, someone might add you by mistake and unadd you soon after. In this case, you might get a notification that they added you. But when you check your app later, you might not find the user as they removed you.

Reason 2: It’s a glitch or bug

Although this is rare, a bug or glitch can make some people disappear from the friend request list. This can happen due to a glitch from either end– your or the users.

Case 2: The Added Me list is missing

If one or more people are missing from the Added Me list, it’s most likely because they unadded you. But sometimes, the entire Added Me list can disappear suddenly without reason. Naturally, this is more confusing.

Note that we are not considering the case when you don’t have any pending friend requests, in which case you won’t see the list for obvious reasons.

We are talking about the problem when the Added Me list disappears suddenly despite the presence of several friend requests. If this is the case with you, the only valid reason can be a glitch or a bug.

After all, the Added Me list is the only place to see and respond to friend requests on Snapchat. Removing it doesn’t make sense.

What can you do to see who added you on Snapchat?

If you are having problems seeing who added you as a friend on Snapchat, you can try a couple of fixes depending on the problem. Here are two things you can try to fix this issue.

Check your email

This method can work if you cannot see the Added Me list or cannot find a specific person on a list.

Whenever someone adds you as a friend, Snapchat sends you an email informing you about the same. This email contains the name and bitmoji of the person, along with an Add Friend button.

So, if you cannot see the person on the Snapchat app for some reason, you can try opening your email inbox and looking for an email from Snapchat with the subject line: [Your name], See who just added you as a friend.

Open this email and tap on the Add Friend button. This will directly open the Added Me section and likely show you the user’s name.

Perform a hard reset of the Snapchat app

Don’t worry; the method is not as serious as it sounds. It’s completely harmless and will not delete any data from your Snapchat account or your phone.

This method involves clearing the Snapchat app’s data, uninstalling the app, and then installing the latest version from the Play Store.

Step 1: Clear Snapchat’s data. To do this, go to Settings > Applications > Snapchat. Open Snapchat’s App Info screen and go to Storage. Then, tap on Clear Data on the next screen to delete the app data for Snapchat.

Doing this will do nothing except log you out of your Snapchat app.

Step 2: Uninstall Snapchat. This will ensure you get rid of an outdated version and all its bugs.

Step 3: Install the latest version of the app from the Play Store. Updates always come with several bug fixes. Therefore, an updated version is less likely to cause problems than an outdated version.

These two methods can help you eliminate the cause that’s preventing you from seeing who added you.

Closing thoughts

Snapchat is interesting and fun most time. But it has its share of problems that can pop up out of nowhere and prevent you from adding friends.

If you cannot see the people who have added you on Snapchat, it can be due to a technical glitch or because the other user unadded you just after adding you. However, you can fix these issues using the steps mentioned in this blog.

If the above methods work for you, don’t keep this blog to yourself. Share it with your friends so they, too, can know these valuable tips.

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