How to Delete Send to List on Instagram

You must’ve heard people say, “I really feel like my phone is listening to me,” or have probably experienced this phenomenon, too. Well, if you’re wondering whether it’s true or not, we’ve got the answer for you: yes, it’s true. To try this theory, start talking about a particular product or occurrence. It should be something you don’t search for, like hiking or getting your kids into preschool. Don’t enter those words on your smartphone; just speak about them.

delete send to list on instagram

You’ll soon start noticing targeted ads related to your concern on your Facebook and Instagram feeds and online websites. Isn’t that so cool but kind of scary at the same time?

The first question in your mind must be if this is even legal. The answer is yes; it’s legal. It’s just another way of blurring the lines between technology and privacy; ad companies can access microphone data for more relevant adverts.

While there are a few ways for you to ensure this doesn’t happen, we’d like to discuss something else: why not? Would it be bad if you’re being shown exactly what you want? Sure, it’s not necessary, but it is convenient.

So, we all pick our hills to die on. This is an example of the hundreds of ways technology uses our activities to suit our preferences better.

Technology is already a necessary part of our lives; we cannot imagine living one whole day with no access to any kind of tech whatsoever. In the coming years, one can safely assume that this dependence will increase a hundredfold.

Today’s blog will discuss how to delete your send-to list on Instagram.

How to Delete Send to List on Instagram

Before we move on, let’s first go over if it’s even possible for you to delete your Instagram send-to list. As you’ve probably guessed, the answer is no; you can’t. All features on Instagram have been put in their positions after hours of discussion and debate; you can’t just obliterate what you can’t like.

For example, you might want to remove the DMs tab altogether or hide the stories column. There’s a reason why Instagram’s made that way: you cannot change it according to your preferences, like your Subway footlong.

If you don’t know what a send-to list is, the list of users appears when you tap the share button under any post, reel, or story on Instagram. Over the years, many modifications have been made to make the list exactly what you want.

Currently, the order of the send-to list on Instagram is arranged according to the people you talk to the most on the platform. For example, your best friend is the one you talk with most on Instagram. So, when you tap that share button, their name will be on top.

The list only includes the names of people you DM with the most since those are the people you probably wish to send that post to. It’s a prime example of how technology tracks your activity differently to ensure your experience is smoother each time you open the app.

And it’s working quite well, too. All Instagram users are quite happy with this update, as they no longer have to search for the person they always talk to. Sharing is quicker and much more fun.

Now, think about it: is it possible to delete the send-to list on Instagram? Or better yet, does it sound feasible or useful in any way to do so? We’re sure it doesn’t.

If you wish to eliminate someone from your send-to list, that’s something we can discuss. We DM a lot of people on Instagram, and the top ones are naturally the people we’re close to. But there are many reasons why you may want to remove someone from your send-to list.

Maybe you fell out with them or didn’t like them anymore. They may have stopped using that Instagram account or no longer wish to receive messages there.

Whatever the reason, you now wish to remove them from that top spot since it’s no longer convenient. If left to Instagram, it could take a week or two for them to disappear from the list, so you might want to speed it up.

The process is quite simple: all you need is to block the user, close Instagram and reopen it, and unblock the user.

They’ll be out of the send-to list, and all your previous chats will disappear forever. Your likes and comments on their Instagram photos and vice versa also won’t be there anymore. But on the bright side, you get what you want easily.

We’d like to mention that regardless of whether they have a public or private account, they will find out that you’ve unfollowed them if you follow them back after unblocking them. While it’s unlikely they’ll call you out on it if you don’t talk anymore, there’s always a chance they might.

You can say it was an accident, but whether or not they’ll believe you is up to them. An alternative would be to just come clean to them about it: you didn’t send them messages anymore, and it was problematic for you to have them up there. We’re sure they’ll understand as it’s quite a reasonable explanation.

If confrontation in this aspect is something you want to avoid at all costs, the only option you have is to let them be there. Spam the others on the list with many daily posts so they rise to the top; it will take up to two days if you’re dedicated to it.

Here’s how you can block a user on Instagram

Step 1: Open Instagram on your smartphone and go to your Explore tab.

Alternatively, you can go to your DMs and tap on your chats with the user you wish to block.

delete send to list on instagram

Step 2: On their chat, you’ll see their username at the top of the screen; tap on it.

delete send to list on instagram

Step 3: This will bring you to the Details page. At the bottom, you’ll see the Block option; tap on it.

delete send to list on instagram

Step 4: Returning to it, tap on the search tab at the top of the Explore tab and enter the soon-to-be-blocked-user’s username.

delete send to list on instagram

Step 5: Tap on their profile from the search results and then on the three-dots icon at the top right.

delete send to list on instagram

Step 6: Locate and tap on the Block option on that list, and you’ll be good to go!

delete send to list on instagram

Here’s how you can unblock a user on Instagram

Step 1: Open Instagram and go to Your Profile.

Step 2: Tap on the hamburger icon, and tap on Settings on the pop-up list.

delete send to list on instagram

Step 3: Locate Privacy on that list and scroll down to Connections.

Step 4: You’ll see Blocked accounts there; tap on it, and it’ll take you to a list of all users you’ve blocked. Tap the Unblock button next to their username, and your work is done!

delete send to list on instagram

You can also avoid this entire hassle by simply restricting them on Instagram. You’ll find the Restrict option right next to the Block option, and the best part is, they’ll never find out about it!

In summary

Send-to lists are a river of convenience for those who regularly send those cute and funny reels to their friends. It helps them find who they’re looking for quickly. Today’s blog discussed how users couldn’t delete their send-to list on Instagram, and with good reason.

If you don’t like yours, we’re sorry, but it isn’t much you can do about it; you cannot just delete a feature from a platform at will. You can modify the list by engaging with users strategically and blocking and unblocking those you wish to remove. Restricting is also an option if blocking seems too aggressive to you.

If you have questions about today’s topic, meet us in the comments section below!

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