How to Send Message to Someone Who Blocked You on Whatsapp

In recent years, the realm of personal messaging has exploded in popularity. You can now download and use a broad variety of messaging apps for free. Your preferred messaging app is likely to be determined by where you live and what device you use on a daily basis. Because cellphones are the most convenient way for most individuals to communicate, we frequently utilize personal messaging apps that can be downloaded.

send message to someone who blocked you on whatsapp

One of the most relevant and popular messaging app is Whatsapp. According to one survey, there are about 2 billion messages get exchanged on this application. As this application provides ample of facilities like voice call, video calling, and many more things, the popularity gets increasing day by day. As discussed above that Whatsaap exchanges 2 billion messages around the globe daily, so there are maybe chances of getting spam, adult content, or any unauthorized messages getting forwarded which you don’t like, so to get rid of such spam and unwanted messages Whatsapp application also provide facility to block such user and report.

Today, blocking someone from using any gadgets or apps is commonplace. It only takes a few minutes to block or be blocked by someone. You won’t be able to send SMS messages to the person who blocked you as a result of this. A blocking option is available in almost every messaging program on your phone. WhatsApp is the same way. If you get on someone’s/block someone’s list, you won’t be able to send them any messages.

So here’s how to text someone who blocked you. We are confident that you will enjoy it.

How to Send Message to Someone Who Blocked You on Whatsapp

1. Delete Your WhatsApp Account and Sign Up Again

By re-creating your WhatsApp account, you can remove the blocking. Following that, you can send an SMS to someone who has blocked you on WhatsApp. You can do so by following the procedures outlined below.

  • Take out your phone and launch WhatsApp. Then go to “Settings >> Account” by pressing the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • You now have the option to “Delete my account” there. It’s important to remember to tap it.
  • “Choose your nation” (or enter the country code) and “type in your phone number” in the appropriate fields are required.
  • “Click on the red icon Delete my account” once you’ve completed the three steps. That ought to suffice.
  • Close WhatsApp and then reopen it. Now, just like you did the first time, create a WhatsApp account.

Here! You’ve now gotten around the block. You can now send an SMS to someone on WhatsApp who has blocked you.

If you don’t want this to happen, use one of the other three options listed below.

2. Send A Message Via The WhatsApp Group

We understand that you can’t send messages to a public group that includes all of your friends or acquaintances. Solicit the help of a close friend to set up a WhatsApp group for you. Tell him or her to add you and the person you wish to message as members from your device as contacts.

Finally, request that he depart from the group. Only you and that individual will only remain in the group once he has completed that task. Every message you send to the group can be read by the other single group member.

3. Message Them Offline

Sending text messages to those who have blocked you offline is one of the easiest ways to communicate with them. You can send the text to their number using your regular text messaging application.

Not sure how to get their WhatsApp number? Open WhatsApp and hold down the long press button on the chat item on the main screen. With the conversation selected and by tapping the three vertical dots in the top right corner and selecting View Contact. You will able to see the contact detail in the application itself.

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