How to Know if Someone Saved Your Number on Whatsapp

Have you ever talked to someone on Whatsapp and deleted their number only to want to check whether they still have your contact saved or not? We all want to know who has your number saved on their contacts, but we want to do it without messaging them or letting them know that we are checking their profiles. So, how can we do that? Is there any way to know if someone has saved your number on Whatsapp? Let’s find out the answers below.

know if someone saved your number on whatsapp

How to Know if Someone Saved Your Number on Whatsapp

1. Send them a Message through Broadcast

So, there is no direct way to know if someone has your contact save. The best thing you can do is send them a message on Whatsapp and wait for them to read it. You don’t have to send this text directly to the recipient. Create a broadcast by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and add a few people to the group. You must add at least one person who (you are sure) has your number saved on their contact list.

And, then add the target user who you want to check whether they have your number saved. Once you have created a broadcast, type a small message and send it to the group. Wait for a few hours and then hold the message you sent. Click on “info”. This will show you the list of people your message is delivered to as well as read by.

2. See if their Profile is Visible

Whatsapp allows people to adjust their privacy settings. You can display your profile to everyone who has your number or limit the viewers to only those whose number is saved on your phone. The easiest way to know if the target has saved your number is by checking their profile. Save their number on your mobile and check their display picture. Save the same number to somebody else’s mobile and check their profile from their mobile.

If the profile is not visible on both devices, it means they don’t have your number. If the profile is visible on your mobile and not visible on another device, it means they have your number saved. That’s because with the privacy setting adjusted to “my contact”, only those who have your number can view your profile. This is the safest way to know whether or not the target has kept your mobile number on their phones.

3. Upload a Story

Note that this method works only if the target has kept their privacy settings to “my contact”. If it’s “everyone” or “no one”, the only way to know if they have your number is by uploading a story on Whatsapp. Upload a picture on your Whatsapp story and check who viewed it. Those who have your number saved can view your Whatsapp status.

However, they may or not view your status. It is up to their choice. So, this method again may not work for everyone.

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