How to Know if Someone Blocked You on OnlyFans

See Who Blocked You on OnlyFans: OnlyFans is a platform that developed a particular reputation because many viewed it as nothing more than a forum for obscene content. But when more famous people joined the site over time, it also gained more appeal. Therefore, despite its reputation for being difficult, it remains one of the best-paid platforms for content creators.

see who blocked you on onlyfans

This platform’s online content subscription service debuted in London, United Kingdom, in 2016. Additionally, if you want to offer premium content that is only available to your fans and followers, this is the right platform for you.

The platform attracted attention, particularly in light of the pandemic that occurred in 2020 and the rising number of sign-ups as the days progressed on. Anyhow, the app relies heavily on user involvement.

But there are a number of unique and demanding obstacles buried behind the gloss with which the platform is marketed. As the number of sign-ups rises, more diverse types of people enter as well.

One of the most significant issues was that children were using the platform to make additional money by selling adult content. Or kids are accessing the profiles of those who create adult content, which is strictly prohibited! And the platform has a number of features in place for just this reason, as well as for the safety of its members.

The blocking tool is one feature that aids in preventing intruders from viewing your account. But occasionally, as a fan, you could feel like a creator has blocked you for reasons you don’t understand, and you need to verify if your suspicions are justified.

But if you are here, chances are that you have no idea how to see who blocked you on OnlyFans, right?

We are pleased to assist if you want to learn more about it and also discuss how to know if someone restricted you on OnlyFans. Stay with us through the finish to learn more about it.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on OnlyFans

You must search for hints and make your own inquiries because the platform doesn’t send you a notification when someone blocks you if you aren’t already aware. We’ll discuss how to find out who has blocked you on OnlyFans in this section.

1. Searching Them via Username

Imagine visiting your OnlyFans account to watch some videos from your favorite creator but finding that the page is nowhere to be found!

We feel this is enough to irritate you big time, right? Since you were confident that you knew their correct username, this can leave you baffled about where the account disappeared overnight.

Therefore, if you were wondering if it was possible to validate your suspicions by learning who blocked you on OnlyFans, it is effortless to do so.

So, now you know what’s up with the account if you scroll for hours and still can’t find them. You won’t be able to view their feed or content after being blocked.

All you need to do is look for a person on the platform by their username if you are doubtful about them. So, if you conduct a search and they don’t appear in the results or suggested searches/recommendations, they have blocked you.

2. Asking for Their Profile Links

Well, a lot of individuals seem to think that if you have the creator’s account profile link, you can simply access it whether or not you’ve been blocked. But with OnlyFans, that is, in fact, not the case, my friends.

Try asking someone for their profile link if you are having trouble searching their account using the username approach. Although the platform only offers a few search options, many content creators use links to their work to publicize their profiles on other social media channels.

Open the link to their profile once you have access to it. What happened? Is the page unavailable or blank? You have been blocked if the link does not lead to a page.

3. Did your subscription fee get refunded?

So, the money you spent on a specific creator on OnlyFans was suddenly returned to you? 

You must be aware that once a creator has barred you, whether without explanation or with one, you have no control over it. However, OnlyFans claims that your subscription will be fully returned to you when you are blocked. This ensures that if you pay for a month’s worth of service, you must receive it for the entire month; otherwise, your contract is void. 

But if the charge is returned to your wallet, it indicates that the creator has blocked you.

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