How to Block Someone on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is one of the very few content-sharing platforms that help influencers generate some extra bucks. It is a paid platform that lets members create exclusive content if you have no idea about it. If you wish to make a place for yourself as a top-tier content creator or blogger, we believe this platform will help you hone your skills.

block someone on onlyfans

Many of the most well-known creators today direct their fans to their OnlyFans accounts, where they offer part of their premium content in exchange for payments. Of course, as a creator, you are free to upload a range of materials. 

On the internet, there are a lot of people just like you. However, if you use OnlyFans, it’s likely that you’d wish to block some users. You must know that you’re not the only one on the platform looking for how to block someone.

We are delighted to assist if you want to block someone but are unsure of where to start. Continue reading to learn more about it.

Blocking someone on OnlyFans: An essential step guide

There are several reasons why a creator could feel that blocking someone on the platform is the proper course of action to take. These days, OnlyFans has become well-known for all kinds of content that might not be appropriate for children. Don’t worry, though; not all content falls under that heading. 

We also can’t ignore the fact that some fans can be so annoying at times that the only solution is to altogether remove them from the picture. If you’ve decided to block someone on the site, just carefully follow the instructions we’ve provided.

Steps to block someone on OnlyFans:

Step 1: First off, you must open your account and sign in using your login credentials.

Step 2: Find the fan or profile you want to remove from your account by searching for it now.

Simply click on the profile link if you find it in your inbox. Additionally, if someone has subscribed to you, you can access your fans list by clicking on your profile from your dashboard. You might need to actively search for their username if you don’t have the option to follow either of the options.

Step 3: Once you reach their profile, do you see the three dots in the upper right corner? Tap on it.

Step 4: Upon doing so, multiple options appear on the screen and move down to tap on the Block option.

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