How to Pay for OnlyFans Without Credit Card (3 Methods)

You must be familiar with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc where every day millions of users interact, post photos and videos, and gather followers and friends. But OnlyFans is nothing like that. Yes, it is true that here too you need to subscribe and follow to view others’ posts.

follow someone on onlyfans without credit card

However, there is a catch, you have to pay to view profiles and the contents published. And the only means to buy a subscription is by using credit or debit cards on a monthly payment basis, which is also known as MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue).

OnlyFans is a famous, legit site based in London, meant for content sharing, selling, and buying. Since 2016, it has been helping content creators to earn money by sharing their original content. Typically, an ad@lt site where the photos and videos resemble pornographic varieties.

Since the pandemic, esc@rts and s@x workers are having a hard time securing a living and this platform is the only way through which they can cut the financial burden. The idea is quite simple – gain fans and earn more.

Here the users need to subscribe to view the content posted or published by the creators. But, often, users ask whether they can create an account and keep their identity anonymous on OnlyFans, and we would answer that today.

Yes, it is definitely possible. You can create a page and use any pen name to keep your genuine details a secret. Further, you can also prefer not to upload any profile photos. Furthermore, OnlyFans has ensured to keep up with strict terms and policies to restrict data breaking.

Here, all the profiles are protected by a paywall, and none of your credit card details is saved in the OnlyFans server.

To assure that someone do not get access to your bank details, they have employed third-party payment vendors. Every payment made and every transaction detail is stored with them. However, to pay the creator you need to link your legit email address and bank account details. 

Now, this is where many users doubt and hesitate to subscribe to the account of their favorite creator on OnlyFans. But why put a halt to your entertainment when you can save your credit card details and use other means to buy a subscription?

In this guide, you’ll learn how to pay for OnlyFans without credit card and also guide you on how to follow someone on OnlyFans without credit card.

Let’s get to know how you can proceed.

Types of Creators on OnlyFans?

First, get to know about the types of content creators. This would help to clarify all your doubts. Based on the posts published on a daily basis, content creators can be distinguished into 2 types:

  • The first type: The one that makes the content available for everyone on the OnlyFans platform. They are almost 15%-10% of the lot and have recently joined the service platform. Their content creation can be designated as amateur type, and their skills are still on the verge of development. Thus, they keep their posts public in order to reach and gain as many followers as possible.
  • The second type: They comprise the rest 80% of the content creators on OnlyFans, whose videos are watched repeatedly. But, they like to keep their content private and you need to pay them. The user needs to either follow them or subscribe to the account to watch the content. Usually “fan” need to make the payment through credit cards.

Can You Pay for OnlyFans Without Credit Card?

Yes, you can pay for OnlyFans without credit card by using a virtual credit card. Usually, users try to skip using a credit card while purchasing a service from OnlyFans. But, these platforms need to maintain a reputation, too and at the same time prohibit any fraudulent activities. Thus, they try to keep the payment process secure and convenient at the same time by gathering genuine details of the user through the billing information.

Also, there is no such option on the OnlyFans platform as – paying through PayPal. Now, if you want to subscribe to the creator on OnlyFans, you must use your virtual credit card.

Next, you will find different ways to subscribe to Onlyfans without using your personal credit card.

How to Pay for OnlyFans Without Credit Card

Now, there are three ways to subscribe and watch the content published by an OnlyFans creator.

  • Pay your OnlyFans creator through a virtual credit card.
  • You can easily subscribe to a creator’s content using a prepaid visa.
  • Do you have a Reddit account? No! Then, you must join these online communities. For example – by joining r/signupsforpay you can pay for the subscription. This allows you to pay through either Stripe or PayPal.

First, you need to know what exactly a virtual credit card is. It is a card number randomly generated, associated and issued with your bank. This card type usually has an expiry date and a security code, just like plastic cards and works temporarily. Either you can request to get an online transaction system, where you do not need to present the card physically or get a disposable one.

With some extra charges, you can get a virtual credit card from your respective bank (if they provide such options). As soon as you receive one, you are ready to purchase any goods or services online, either using the card number or your registered phone number. Thus, with a little upfront money, you can buy your favorite content creator’s account subscription on OnlyFans.

The best part about using a virtual card is that your privacy and credential details stay intact. Furthermore, you can even manage every digital subscription through these systematized finance management cards. You have peace of mind as the card numbers can never get compromised.

Will OnlyFans Payments Appear on Credit Card Statements?

Whatever transaction you make in the entire month using your credit card will get reflected on the statement. So, if you subscribe to OnlyFans, that is going to show in the banking records. But, if you think that these might affect your reputation and you want to keep it private, then there are workarounds.

Summing Up….

In this article, you get to know some unrevealed techniques that are the safest means to access the OnlyFans account. Users often fear that they might meet some on the platform whom they might know personally. And, that might ruin their good build reputation.

Being an ad@lt content site, users tend to keep their identity a secret and OnlyFans completely supports that. Thus, they have certain features that would help a person to maintain anonymity yet enjoy the contents according to their free will. So, apply the way out mentioned above, skip the use of your credit card and continue your enjoyment. Good Luck! 

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