If I Delete a Contact on Whatsapp Can They Still See My Profile Picture?

For an instant messaging platform that was designed to make text conversations between people easier, WhatsApp sure has come a long way. Unlike the older times when nothing but texting could be done on the platform, you can now use it to voice and video call other people, upload statuses, and even transfer money to one another.

if i delete a contact on whatsapp can they still see my profile picture

The population of WhatsApp users has grown phenomenally as well. If you open your smartphone’s contact list today, you’ll notice how almost everyone in it uses WhatsApp.

On the other hand, it indicates that all these people would be able to see your account as well. Unless, of course, you’ve blocked them.

Does the thought of everyone in your contact list being able to see your profile picture bother you? Or do you just have a problem with some specific people?

In case of the latter, have you ever wondered if simply deleting their number could prevent this from viewing your profile picture?

If you have, you’ll need to wonder no more because, in today’s blog, we’ll answer, “if i delete a contact on Whatsapp can they see my profile picture?”

Let’s get started!

What Happens When You Delete a Contact on Whatsapp?

Before we delve deeper into your profile picture problem, let’s first explore what deleting a contact can change for your WhatsApp account.

Once you delete someone’s number from your smartphone’s contact list, their name will automatically disappear from your WhatsApp contact list as well. If you’ve had any previous conversations with them on the platform, you’ll only be able to see messages with their number and not their name.

If I Delete a Contact on Whatsapp Can They Still See My Picture?

If you delete a contact on Whatsapp, then whether they can see your profile picture or not depends on your privacy settings. If you have set the “Who can see my profile photo” setting to Everyone then anyone can see your profile picture even if you deleted them.

But if the privacy settings are set to “My contacts” or “My contacts excepts” then the profile picture only displays to your contacts and other people can’t see it. You can also select “Nobody” to hide your profile picture from everyone.

Also, deleting contact will make no difference in them trying to reach out to you. Unlike the case of blocking, they’ll still be able to call or text you as and when they like.

How to Hide Whatsapp Profile Picture from People Outside of Your Contact List

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging platform for a good reason. The platform provides its users with all the control over the visibility of their online status and profile picture.

So, while deleting someone’s contact will not automatically hide your profile picture from them, you can get it done by making some changes in your settings.

Follow the steps we’ve mentioned below to ensure that only your contacts have access to your profile picture on WhatsApp:

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone.

From the CHATS tab that you first land on, navigate the ellipsis icon located on the top rightmost corner of your screen and tap on it.

Step 2: Doing so will open a pop-up menu with multiple options like New group and Starred messages mentioned on it.

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