How to Remove Someone from Whatsapp Without Them Knowing

There was a time when cellular messages were the popular medium of having text conversations, which continued to happen for a substantial amount of time even after the launch of WhatsApp.

remove someone from whatsapp without them knowing

But why would people talk in text messages when they could chat on WhatsApp? Because the availability of the internet was not as common back then as it is today. Fast forward to the present, and WhatsApp has become a primary mode of conversation for about 90% of the netizens, be it for texts, voice calls, or video calls.

And now that almost everyone you know is on this instant messaging platform, it has become impossible to avoid anyone, even those you do not enjoy talking to.

While the platform has provided its users with ways of removing other people from their accounts, is there one that can do it without letting them know? That’s what we’ll be talking about in our blog today.

How to Remove Someone from Whatsapp Without Them Knowing

1. Blocking the person on WhatsApp: Will it help?

Whenever the prospect of removing someone from any social media platform, including WhatsApp, comes up, blocking is the first term that pops up in our heads.

And why shouldn’t it? Blocking someone is a fairly straightforward process with foolproof results. Once you block someone, there’s no way for them to contact you on the platform unless they use a different account.

However, when you need to do it secretly, without them knowing, blocking might not work. This is because as soon as you block them, everything about you, including your display picture, last seen status, and about, will disappear from their account. Moreover, all their messages to you would permanently have a single tick; their calls wouldn’t reach you either.

And if this person is even remotely familiar with how WhatsApp works (which they’d likely be), it won’t take them long to deduce that they’ve been blocked.

2. Archiving Your Chat with Them

If you don’t want to avoid talking to someone on WhatsApp peacefully, sending their chat into your archive is the simplest way of doing it. 

Follow these steps to archive someone on WhatsApp:

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Step 2: You’ll land on the CHATS tab first. Here, you can scroll through your list of conversations to find their chat.

In case your conversation list is too long, tap on the magnifying glass icon located at the top right corner of your screen. Upon doing so, a search bar will appear at the top.

Enter their name (as you’ve saved in your device) in the search and hit ENTER.

Step 3: You’ll find their chat appearing in the search results next. Now, all you need to do is long-press on their chat to see five different icons appearing on the top.

The fourth icon from the left will be of a drawer with a downward-facing arrow drawn on it. Tap on this icon, and the chat will disappear from your chat list, with a notification of 1 chat archived appearing at the bottom.

3. Silencing their chat notifications

While archiving someone’s chat is the best way of avoiding someone’s messages on WhatsApp, out of sight, and out of mind might not always be the safest plan.

What if they send you something urgent or important, and you miss it because it’s in a whole other section? To avoid such a thing from happening, silencing their chat notifications is a better alternative.

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