How to Go Offline on Whatsapp Without Disconnecting from Internet (Complete Guide)

How to Be Offline in Whatsapp When Data is On: Do you use WhatsApp? This question is absurd as asking whether humans walk on two legs. WhatsApp is everywhere, and everybody uses WhatsApp. We use it every day to chat with anyone we want to chat with.

go offline on whatsapp without disconnecting from internet

However, you don’t always want to chat with everyone, right? Once in a while, you get a message we don’t want to reply to. And when that happens, you find yourself in a sticky situation.

The double-tick discloses the fact that the message has been delivered. And although you can hide your Last Seen info, you get visible the moment you come online, and there is no way to hide that.

If you are looking for a way to appear offline on WhatsApp and reply to only the messages you want, this blog is the perfect place for you. Read on as we discover ways to conceal your online status on WhatsApp without disconnecting from the internet.

How to Go Offline on Whatsapp Without Disconnecting from Internet

1. Replying to Incoming Messages: A Simple Trick

You can reply to incoming WhatsApp messages from the message notifications. Most smartphones allow the user to reply to messages right from the notification panel of their phone.

Step 1: Whenever you receive a message notification from WhatsApp, scroll down from the top of the screen to see the message from the notification panel.

Step 2: You will see two options below the message: Reply and Mark as read. Tap on Reply and text your reply to the sender. Your last seen status will not change, and you will remain offline.

If the message notification contains messages from multiple people, you get a separate Reply option for each contact. So, you can reply to the person you want and ignore the other messages.

Depending on your phone and WhatsApp settings, you can also see any auto-downloaded images and open links right from the notification panel. However, you won’t be able to access videos, GIFs, and audio.

Note: Whenever you chat with someone using this method, tap on the Mark as Read button after replying to a message. Doing this will ensure that the messages you have read get removed and don’t clutter your notification panel.

2. Send Messages While Appearing Offline

With the previous method, you can reply to incoming messages without opening WhatsApp. But what if you want to message someone but don’t want to appear online on the app? With some effort, it is possible to do this. Here’s how:

Step 1: Turn off your phone’s mobile data or WiFi (whichever you use to connect to the internet).

Step 2: Open WhatsApp, write the message you want to send and hit the Send button. Since there is no internet connection, the message will not be sent and will remain pending with a clock icon.

Step 3: Now, go to your phone’s home screen or open any other app so that WhatsApp runs in the background. This step is essential.

Step 4: Turn on your phone’s data (or WiFi). The message will be sent without you appearing online. 

Step 5: Close WhatsApp from the background. If you get any reply, you can start chatting from the notification panel as described in the previous section.

Disconnecting WhatsApp from the Internet by using NoRoot Firewall

Turning off your phone’s data might be helpful if you want to send a message without disconnecting from the internet. However, if you don’t want to disconnect from the internet, you will need a way to stop WhatsApp from connecting to the internet while other apps remain connected.

The task can be achieved using an app called NoRoot Firewall. With this app, you can selectively block WhatsApp’s internet connectivity. In other words, NoRoot Firewall creates a virtual wall between WhatsApp and the internet, preventing the messaging app from sending or receiving any data.

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