What Happens When You Close a DM on Discord?

Discord is a versatile platform initially created just for gamers but has since attracted users from various fields. Additionally, influencers have gravitated to the platform; today, you can search for anything and find it there. Discord provides a wide range of features to keep its users comfortable. The application allows you to share videos, music, text, and voice chat. Additionally, you have the option to select from different servers and join them. The only thing you must do is adhere to the rules that apply to that server.

what happens when you close a dm on discord

You may always establish your own server if you have trouble locating one that suits your interests. The direct message feature is perhaps one of the most used features on the app. And, well, our topic revolves around this feature.

We will discuss what happens when you close a DM on Discord today. Have you thought about this question as well? If so, you are undoubtedly in the right place. So, read the blog through to the end to learn everything.

What Happens When You Close a DM on Discord?

You probably already know that users often chat on the platform’s servers if you use Discord. But it also includes a direct messaging (DM) option that users can utilize to communicate privately with other users on the site. Therefore, it is obviously different from the voice calls and chats people have through public servers.

The conversations over DMs cannot be made on a public chat server. You can make use of this feature on a PC, a Mac, or even an Android or iOS device. But not everyone is comfortable receiving messages from random strangers on a regular basis, regardless of how popular this tool is, isn’t that right?

Discord is aware of this, which is why it offers you the choice of receiving messages from certain friends or from everyone on the app. In addition, you can close the DM on the platform, which is the subject of today’s blog.

Therefore, closing a DM has become a common norm among Discord users, but this section focuses on what happens when you do so. Well, closing a DM on this platform ensures that the chats are taken off your visible direct message list. Therefore, it is obvious that this makes it simple and convenient for the messages you actually want to see to remain in your DMs.

Please keep in mind, though, that you can always send this person a message to pick up the conversation again. Many people hold the misguided belief that texts are deleted, which is undoubtedly inaccurate.

How to close a DM on Discord?

Those who use Discord are familiar with how people can poke each other at any time and send private messages on the platform. However, it becomes an issue when messages keep stacking up, and you end up with a tangle of messages that shove the essential ones to the sideline.

Well, this is the time when folks decide to close their Discord DM since it clears the message list. Naturally, this is only one reason why users close their direct messages on this platform. However, many people also choose to close to protect their privacy and get rid of pointless texts that may be sent to them at any time.

So, all of this prompts us to look for ways to close a DM on Discord. Well, if you’re looking for the same thing, don’t look any further; we’re here to assist you. You must carefully follow the instructions below since we’ll show you how to close your DMs on both a PC and a mobile device.

Closing a direct message via PC on Discord

We are aware of how annoying it can be to have multiple DMs appear at once when you just want to respond to one of them while playing PC games.

Or you might see someone hurl abuses that can dampen your mood, and you just wish to close the DMs altogether. You need to follow the steps below if you wish to close your DMs via PC. Check them out:

Step 1: Navigate to your Discord app on the PC/Laptop. You can also go ahead with signing in to the Discord website.

Step 2: You land on the home page of the platform. Now, you must scroll through the DM you need to close. Right-click on it once you are here.

Step 3: A list of options will pop up on the page in front of you. You need to tap on the Close DM button to complete the action.

Closing a direct message on Discord via mobile phone

Using the Discord app on the phone is convenient for many individuals. So, let’s talk about how our Discord users that use it on a mobile device can quickly close their DMs.

You’ll be relieved to know that this can be done in five simple steps! Take a look:

Step 1: Open your device and tap on the Discord mobile app icon to open it.

Step 2: In the next steps, you need to navigate to the hamburger icon. This icon is located at the upper left corner of the channel you are in presently.

Step 3: Look for the chat icon on the upper left part of the channel and click on it.

Step 4: Go to the Direct Message you want to close and long-press it.

Step 5: You will see the option to Close DM immediately. Tap on it to complete the process.

That’s it! The direct message on your Discord is now closed.

In the end

As this blog has come to an end, let’s talk about the topics we covered today. The subject of our discussion was one of the often-asked Discord-related questions. We spoke about what happens when you close a DM on Discord.

So, we explained it in detail about it and then also stated how to close a DM on Discord. We provided detailed instructions on how to close DM on both a computer and a mobile device.

We trust our explanations were clear. You can follow us for more such tech-related troubles.

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