Why Can’t I See My Friends Story on Snapchat

Stories on Snapchat are one of the best ways to keep yourself updated with your friends’ lives. While snaps and DMs are all very interesting and help you chat with your friends personally, adding snaps to your story helps you share memorable moments with your friends in one go. Stories help us remain updated with our friends’ lives regularly. Seeing your friend’s story enables you to be connected with friends even if you don’t chat with them often.

why can't i see my friends story on snapchat

But sometimes, you might realize that one of your friend’s stories is missing from the Stories tab of the app. Of course, it is possible that your friend has simply not posted any story. But if you cannot see the stories for several days from a friend who usually posts them frequently, some other reasons might be at work.

To know exactly why you can’t see your friend’s story on Snapchat, you need to learn a bit about how Snapchat stories and story viewership work. Scroll down to read about the possible reasons that might prevent you from watching a friend’s stories.

Why Can’t I See My Friends Story on Snapchat?

We have done enough talking. Now let’s come straight to the point.

Whether you see someone’s story on Snapchat is not up to you. You don’t have any right over the stories you see. If a story appears on the Stories tab, you can see it. If it doesn’t appear there, you can’t see it. Yes, you can see stories on Snap Map as well. But that’s all.

If you cannot see a friend’s story on Snapchat, it most likely has nothing to do with your actions or your Snapchat account. It usually depends on the person on the other side: your friend.

Let’s discuss six scenarios where you can’t see your friend’s story on Snapchat.

Case #1: Your friend doesn’t post stories anymore.

As much as this possibility is extremely obvious, it is still quite common, which makes it fair to include it here. If your friend doesn’t post any story, you wouldn’t see any.

So, if you’re curious to know if they have stopped posting stories, just ask them straight away. Or, a better way, if possible, would be to ask a common friend whether they can see the story. If they also can’t see it, it likely means that your friend is not posting any stories lately.

Case #2: Your friend has blocked you from seeing their stories.

If you find that a common friend can see your friend’s story but you can’t, it might mean that the concerned friend has blocked you from seeing their stories.

Every user can decide who they want to share their stories with. They can make their stories visible to Everyone, Friends Only, or Custom. If your friend chooses Custom and blocks you from the list of story viewers, you won’t see their stories on the Stories screen.

Case #3: Your friend is lately sharing private stories, and you’re not a viewer.

Another reason why you might not see a friend’s story on Snapchat but a common friend can see it is that your friend has been sharing private stories with limited people for the past few days.

As you are likely aware, you can share a private story– separate from your main story– with a specific set of friends. Snaps added to a private story are only visible to the selected set of friends.

Therefore, if your friend has set up a private story for their close friends and has not included you in the Story Viewers list, you will not see the stories on your Snapchat.

Case #4: You are no longer friends with the person.

This is another common reason why you can’t see someone’s story on Snapchat. This can happen if you two are not friends and their story is only visible to their friends.

If your friend has removed you on Snapchat, and their story viewers are set to Friends Only, you will obviously not see their stories on your account. To check if you two are still friends, you can do the following:

Go to your Profile section by tapping on your bitmoji avatar on the Camera tab. Scroll down a little and select My Friends to see a list of friends. If your friend’s name is not there, you two are no longer friends.

why can't i see my friends story on snapchat

Case #5: Your friend blocked you.

If your friend blocks you on Snapchat, you won’t be able to connect with them in any way. And therefore, you won’t be able to see their stories, either.

Though this possibility is not as common as the other ones we talked about, it is quite possible. But it is quite easy to find out whether you have been blocked.

Here are a few indications that can tell you that you have been blocked:

1. All your previous chats with the person disappear from your Chats screen.

2. The person also disappears from your friend list.

3. You won’t be able to find them by searching for their name or username.

If you find that you cannot see a friend’s story, and if all of the above three conditions are true, you can be sure that your friend has blocked you.

Case #6: It’s all due to a technical issue.

We have discussed five possible reasons behind the absence of your friend’s story on Snapchat. But if none of them apply to you, only one possibility remains– bugs and servers.

If you think there’s a technical problem behind the problem, log out of your account and log in again. Also, try clearing the cache of Snapchat. If nothing works, uninstall Snapchat and install the latest version again from the Play Store.

Following these measures will likely remove any minor bugs or temporary issues. And you’ll be able to view your friend’s stories again.

Summing up

Stories are one of the best ways to keep yourself aware of your friend’s daily happenings. But if you suddenly stop seeing a friend’s story on Snapchat, several questions might arise in your mind.

In this blog, we have talked about all the possible causes behind why you can’t see your friends’ stories on Snapchat. We have discussed six possibilities that might explain the reason behind the absence of your friend’s stories.

If you have not seen your friend’s stories for some time, chances are almost certain that it is due to one of the six reasons discussed above.

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