How to Tell if Someone Hide Their Story from You on Snapchat

The internet has changed the world in the most unusual ways. It has metamorphosed our perception of the world, life, and everything that revolves around them. It has changed the meanings of things and created new ones- not just figuratively but also quite literally.

know if someone hide their story from you on snapchat

As social media has undergone a massive expansion, so has our vocabulary. The examples are endless, but consider a few of the most prominent ones.

Shorts– the word which earlier represented a piece of clothing, is now largely identified by 30-to-60 seconds long videos. Reel- the word already had the burden of numerous meanings- is lately overburdened by a new meaning: the Instagram equivalent of shorts. A host of such words have undergone a transformation in terms of their literal meanings, but one of the most interesting ones is stories.

Stories, which could earlier be just read or heard, can now also be seen. What’s more, most of us enjoy seeing stories more than reading or hearing stories. Now, if this isn’t a change, we wonder what else is.

Regarding stories, the credit goes to Snapchat- the platform that introduced this feature in 2o13. These disappearing stories have lately become so popular that they can now be found on almost every social media platform.

If you are a Snapchatter, we know you like viewing stories on the platform- we all do. But sometimes, you may notice that one of your friends has suddenly stopped sharing stories. Or should we say their stories stopped appearing on your account? Well, one of the reasons behind this can be that the person has hidden their story from you.

Read on to know how you can find out if someone has hidden their stories from you on Snapchat.

Can You Tell if Someone Hide Their Story from You on Snapchat?

Unfortunatelly, there is no official way to tell if someone hide their story from you on Snapchat. So, if you are looking for some technique to see who has hidden their stories from you on Snapchat, there is no hope, as such a technique doesn’t exist.

However, some methods do exist that can help you find this out. They can give you an indication that someone has possibly hidden their stories from you. Though these methods can not necessarily give you a final answer, they can definitely help you find one.

How to Tell if Someone Hide Their Story from You on Snapchat

#1: Ask a mutual friend

Trust us. This is the easiest way to determine if someone has blocked you from seeing their story on Snapchat.

All you got to do is approach a mutual Snapchat friend (one of your Snapchat friends who is also a friend of the person we are talking about) and ask them if they can see their story on Snapchat.

If they can see the story, it most likely means that the other person has hidden their story from Snapchat. However, there is another possibility here. The concerned Snapchatter might have shared a private story, of which the mutual friend is a viewer.

In each of the two cases, you can be sure that this story is hidden from you.

#2: Check if they have blocked you

If someone blocks you on Snapchat- or any platform- you are automatically cut off from all the interactions with the person. So, if they block you on Snapchat, you can be sure that their story is hidden from you.

Fortunately, finding out if you have been blocked is much easier than finding out if a story is hidden from you. If the person blocks you, you cannot chat with them anymore, and your previous chats disappear from the Chats tab. You cannot see their stories and cannot see them on Snapchat (if you could earlier). You also won’t find them in the search bar.

You have certainly been blocked if all the above indications apply to you.

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