What Does It Mean When Someone Adds You on Snapchat But Doesn’t Say How?

As a teenager, what different places do you think you can make friends or remember making friends at? School is, of course, one of the top places on this list, as the other students there become your friends by default. You sit next to them, do projects, and talk to them. Besides school, you might meet new people at the park or mall where you like to spend your time. Public places are the best to make new friends, as you never know who you might run into. Think about it: everyone you’ve ever met has a life of their own, full of experiences, joys, and sorrows. How exhilarating is the idea of being able to peek into someone else’s life for a change?

what does it mean when someone adds you on snapchat but doesn't say how

There’s nothing more exciting than a room full of people. A room full of people means opportunities to hear and do things you never thought you’d find yourself hearing or doing.

Today, you might think it’s to be an introvert and how tired you are of extroverts (while secretly wishing you could do the same with your personality instead of having to tone it down). Today, it might seem cool to have no friends as you’re so different and no one understands you, and so on.

And even though there isn’t anything wrong with it, you’re missing out on life by not being around more and more new people. People are all we’ve got, so wouldn’t it be great if we just embrace them with open hands instead of criticizing and judging them?

That being said, keep in mind not to welcome strangers too deep into your life. While making friends, it’s best to stick with people your age. Make sure that your parents or some other responsible adult in your life has met your friend(s) before you tell them any personal details of your life.

Moving on, if you feel like you want to make friends but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you.

Teenagers today have a big advantage over millennials: the internet. Although it has its own share of disadvantages, the internet can help you practice making friends. You can talk to as many people as you’d like to learn the basics of how to start a conversation and keep it going.

You can see TedTalks on how to make friends and how to appear friendly and non-intimidating. Most of all, you can learn how to change your attitude from a critical, heavily biased mindset to a mindful and observant approach.

Social media networking sites like Snapchat and Omegle can also help you achieve your goal. These platforms and sites are saturated with teenagers who all want to make new friends and expand their horizons, so it’s a great place to start.

Read on until the end of this blog to learn about what it means when someone adds you on Snapchat, but it doesn’t tell you how.

What Does It Mean When Someone Adds You on Snapchat But Doesn’t Say How?

If you’ve been a Snapchat user for some time now, you must’ve noticed how Snapchat informs you whenever someone adds you by searching for your username. The same goes for when someone adds you using your snapcode, from their contacts, or someone else’s story or snap that mentions you.

You might’ve heard how protective Snapchat is regarding its users’ privacy. Keeping that in mind, doesn’t it seem a bit contrarian for them to go ahead and tell everyone how you added them?

Well, we understand why you might feel like that, but there’s a very good feature behind this feature.

Let’s say you’ve recently joined Snapchat, and a user added you from their contacts. However, you don’t know who they are, and you scour your contacts but still don’t find them. Isn’t that a bit suspicious?

This can only mean one thing: either this person is a long-lost friend or relative, or they’ve got your number from somewhere you don’t know and are using it to add you.

Basically, this feature lets you make an educated guess about who this person is and whether or not you know them.

There are five main ways for someone to add you on Snapchat

1. By search: This means they searched for your real name; they most probably know you in person.

what does it mean when someone adds you on snapchat but doesn't say how

2. By phone number or username: They could’ve added you by saving your number to their contact list or entering your username in the search bar. Both situations imply this person is one of your close friends (as they’ve got your number) or a mutual friend gave them that information so they could add you.

what does it mean when someone adds you on snapchat but doesn't say how

3. By Snapcode: All Snapchat users have a snapcode which allows other users to add them quickly. You might’ve shown them your snapcode personally or posted it on Instagram, and they got it from there.

what does it mean when someone adds you on snapchat but doesn't say how

4. By quick add: Such requests are by far the most distant requests you’ll get. Quick add is a random list introduced by Snapchat which consists of people you might know to complete strangers. It also contains people who’ve just joined the platform. If someone adds you from quick add, it’s best to consider not accepting.

what does it mean when someone adds you on snapchat but doesn't say how

5. By mention: Whenever someone mentions you on their snaps and story, the receivers and viewers of the said snap or story can access your profile. So, whenever someone adds you by mention, you’ve got a mutual friend, which is where they got your profile.

These are all the circumstances in which Snapchat tells you how you’ve been added. If you cannot see how you’ve been added, you added them first, and they’ve just added you back. Otherwise, you’ll always be informed about how you’ve been added.

If you cannot see how you’ve been added, try updating the Snapchat app on your smartphone. If that doesn’t work, logging out and back in always helps.

In the end

As we end this blog, let us recap all we’ve discussed today. Whenever someone adds you but it doesn’t show how, it means you added them a long time ago, and they’ve just gotten around to adding you back now.

There are five to six ways of adding someone on Snapchat, and the platform always informs you how you’ve been added. If our blog has helped you, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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