How to Write Gentle Reminder Email That Gets Attention (Reminder Email Samples)

Reminder Email Sample 2020: What’s the benefit of having millions of people on your email list, if only a few of them actually open and read your emails?

Have you ever wondered why the open rate of your emails was so poor?

If so, you are not alone.

What if there is a way to come out from this problem?

The solution is reminder emails.

A reminder email is the most effective and useful technique that keeps users updated and your email stays at the top of the inbox.

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This will encourage your subscribers or customers to act upon it immediately.

So if you are looking for how to write gentle reminder email that gets attention then you will love this guide.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

What is Reminder Email?

A reminder email is exactly what it sounds like: Basically, It is a note that reminds the subscriber of something specific that has not yet been done.

This could be a task that needs to be completed before a given deadline, follow up on a job application or late payment reminder.

It helps companies and e-commerce websites to confirm purchases, abandoned carts, special event confirmation, and much more.

reminder email

Reminder Email Example

A gentle reminder email is the best way to increase the effectiveness and activeness of your campaign as it will show your subscribers or customer that you care about them.

As a result, it will open more opportunities for your customers or subscribers.

However, if a reminder email is not appropriately constructed then it makes a person feel less willing to do what is being asked for.

Short, Simple & Gentle Reminder Email

Example 1:

Hi {!First Name},

Have you had time to look into this?

Best regards,
Your name

Example 2:

Hey {!First Name},

Hope you’re great. Just sending you gentle reminder on this request.

I always hate to send reminder, but the absence of your response is really delaying the matter. Please let me know when you’ll able to look at it?

Your name

Late Payment Reminder Email

Dear Mr. {First Name},

I hope this note finds you well. This is just a friendly reminder that payment on invoice number #67536, which we sent on December 18th, was due last Monday.

I would appreciate if you could take a moment and look over the invoice when you get a chance. Could you please let me know when I can expect the payment? If payment has been already done, please disregard this email.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Kind regards,
Your name

Delay Work Reminder Email

Hello {First Name}

Recognizing your very busy schedule, I wanted to remind you that your task was due two days ago.

I am happy to help if you have encountered any obstacles or you simply have some questions about it. Looking forward to your answer.

Your Name

Polite Reminder Email to Boss

Example 1:

{Boss Name},

Following up on our earlier conversation regarding {Plan for the advertising campaign}. Hoping you have some time to discuss today.

Many Thanks,
{Your Name}

Example 2:

Hi {First Name},

Hope you are well.

This is a gentle reminder to you. I haven’t heard back regarding my previous email. Have you had time to look into this?

Please share your thoughts, I am waiting!!!

{Your Name}

Example 3:

Hey {First Name},

How are you?

I hope you had time to look through the info. What’s your opinion about this?

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be glad to answer them.

Best Regards,
Your Name

Different situations that require Reminder Email

There are times when someone needs to be reminded of something. There are so many different situations but email is a great wat of reminding that someone of what they need to do.

Below you can find the list of an instance when you may need to send:

Overdue Payment: No ones like being paid late. Yet, many small business owners face this predicament more often then we’d like. According to the reports 79% of business owners have had trouble getting paid. So if someone owes you money and it’s late then you must need to send late payment reminder mail.

Late Work: Most of the software companies are work as a team in a particular project. But what if someone hasn’t completed their work? Obviously, it can affect the project completion time.

Job Application Follow Up: If you are looking for a job and want to follow up on interviews then sometimes you need to write reminder mail to HR in a polite way.

Event Reminder Email: Most of the time people subscribe to an event newsletter to receive specific updates. Sending update notification before the deadline might be helpful for the subscribers.

Also, there is a webinar, appointment, business, meeting and polite reminder email.

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How to Write & Send Reminder Email

So, Till now we have discussed that what is reminder email and different situations, now it’s time to look at how to write it down.

Subject Line (Important)

Did you know that 78% of people do judge emails by their subject lines. In other words, the subject line is your first and maybe last impression on users.

So if you are planning to skip the subject line then it’s going to work, at the same time message without subject line often goes directly to the spam folder.

Always use power words like “Response Required” or “Attention” in the subject that will help to get the recipient’s attention and increase the chance of opening your message.

Also don’t forget to include the name of the project, company or maybe event.

So once you decide the subject line, your mail should look like this:

reminder email

After to select the eye-catching subject line, you are now ready to move on to the next step is creating your friendly reminder email.

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Each email is directed towards someone. The salutation directly addresses the recipient you are sending the mail. Its always use in a formal email but sometimes people skip this part also in formal messages.

Always open your email message with a greeting and always be respectful. If you are unfamiliar with the recipient or do not know the name then use “Dear sir/madam” or “To whom it may concern”.

You may also proceed the name with a “Hi”, only if the relationship is more casual.

reminder email

Body (Your Message)

Once you select the subject line and salutation, now it’s time to cover the body of the message.

Always starts the message with a positive note something like “I hope you are doing well” This keeps your message from seeming too harsh.

Next, you need to communicate the purpose of your message. Explain what is overdue such as payment, shipment or work and when it was supposed to have been completed. You can also add a CAT button that will helps the recipient to get to the bottom of the issue easily.

reminder email

4. Close Your Email

The closing line of your message should reflect the tone of your request. If you have used informal tone then a closing line should be informal as well. Likewise, if your email is formal then a closing line should be formal.

Gmail Reminder Email: Now you can easily add a reminder in Gmail by following simple steps:

Go to Settings > General tab > Scroll down to Nudges > Check both boxes Suggest emails to follow up on” & “Suggest emails to reply to”

I’d Like to Hear From You

I hope guys you enjoyed this ultimate guide to writing reminder email in 2020.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Have you ever had to write a friendly reminder email to HR or Boss? If so, how did you handle it?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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