How to Recover Deleted Hangouts Messages

Recover Deleted Hangouts Messages: Everyone is familiar with Google Hangouts, which is a cross-platform messaging platform used by millions of people worldwide. It is mainly used to communicate with friends, colleagues, and other members in contact. As a result, all of your messages and their contents are automatically saved to your Google account.

recover deleted hangout messages

This app functions as a group chat with a list of people, allowing you to convert any conversation into a free video call with a single click and making calls from your phone.

While it is easy to use, it can sometimes result in data loss, with all Hangout messages being deleted. It’s a frustrating situation because no one wants to lose any of their phone records.

Here you can find complete guide on how to recover deleted Hangouts messages in 2021.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

How to Recover Deleted Hangout Messages

Hangouts History is a security feature that automatically stores all chats. You can use this page to search, locate, and retrieve your messages.

When you log into your Gmail account, the Hangouts message will appear in the Chat folder in the correct order. To begin, select More from the drop-down menu.

Navigate to the Chat folder to see all of your Hangouts messages (You can also type in chats in the search bar to get the same messages). You can also check to see if any messages are missing.

1. Unarchive the Messages

  • When you open a message tab, you can open the settings by clicking the gear icon.
  • Select Archive Conversation from the drop-down menu.
  • If you want to see the same messages again, open the chat and then press the gear icon once more.
  • Then select the choice to Unarchive the conversation.

2. Recover Hangout Messages via Trash Folder

Gmail chat logs and messages remain for 30 days in your Trash folder, where you can find them and restore them to your Inbox. Unless you disable chat logging in Gmail, chat sessions are automatically logged.

  • Select “Trash” from the drop-down menu.
  • Next to the post, select the check box.
  • To return the message to your inbox, click the Move To button and then pick Inbox from the pop-up menu.

3. Use Third-Party App

There are many tools available in-app store or Google Play store from where you can download or install third-party applications to recover Hangout messages.

Tools like Kernel G Suite Backup tool, iMyFone D-Back (Android), Android Data Recovery, and many are available in the Play Store. One can download it on their mobile and recover deleted Hangout messages. 

Here’s how you can:

Step 1: Download and install Android Data Recovery

On the phone, first, download and install Android Data Recovery software. After the tool has been mounted, start it up and attach your Android phone to your computer.

Step 2: On Android, allow USB Debugging.

If the Android USB driver is correctly enabled, the app will recognize the device as soon as it is connected.

Step 3: Select Messages from Hangouts to Extract

You can choose which form of the file you want to search and restore, which will save you a lot of time. Simply mark it and press “Next” if you need to retrieve missed messages from Hangouts on your Android phone.

Step 4: Grant Data Extraction Permission

It must first obtain permission from your Android phone before scanning. When a pop-up message appears on your Android device asking for permission, tap “Allow”/”Grant.” Well, the scanning process takes some time to complete, which is largely dependent on how many files are already stored on the computer.

Step 5: Retrieve Hangouts Messages

The Hangouts messages can be extracted once the scanning is done.

The Hangout application is used by many people around the world, and they use it for their own pleasure. However, since unpredictable events may happen at any moment, your Hangout messages/conversations could be unintentionally lost. However, there is no need to be concerned since those communications can easily be retrieved via the above-mentioned steps or suggestions.

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