How to Recover Deleted Call Recordings 2021

Recover Deleted Call Recordings: There are times when you need to record your conversation with people for certain reasons. Some people download the third-party call recorder apps, while others use the mobile’s built-in call recorder feature. Perhaps, you are talking to a customer and you want to know the details of the conversation you have had for future reference.

recover deleted call recordings

Maybe, you are having a long conversation with a friend and you want to record everything they say. Or, you may want to record the call of a criminal who’s harassing you on call. There can be many reasons why you may want to record your conversation with others.

Have you ever deleted the call recording only to discover that you wanted it back? Recovering the deleted call recordings from Android phones is quite a challenging process. There is no recycle bin on smartphones that could help you recover the deleted files. The files deleted on the desktop can be easily restored through recycle bin. But, we usually have the call history saved on our smartphones.

Can You Recover the Deleted Call Recording?

You can use the data recovery software, but you are supposed to get your device rooted for that. However, the main issue with Android mobiles is that these phones cannot be rooted. This means your only option to get the deleted files back is through cloud backups.

That’s why people often save their recordings on the cloud so they can access the deleted or lost call recordings anytime they want. But, what if you have the files saved on your memory card? The good news is you could still retrieve the information with simple clicks. All you need is the call recording recovery application. First things first, when you delete a file from your smartphone, it isn’t actually deleted, but de-indexed. In other words, the file is only compressed so that you can’t access it and it doesn’t take much space on your phone.

You only need the right tool to recover all your deleted call recordings on your Android or iPhone. Below we have listed a few common and popular ways to recover your deleted call recordings on Android. Let’s check them out.

How to Recover Deleted Call Recordings

1. Use Data Recovery Software

The backup on your phone is the best way to recover the deleted information. Here, the main problem is that most people do not have a backup, which leaves them with only one option – data recovery software. You could download a reliable data recovery software app to recover your deleted recordings. However, before you use the software, make sure that the data is stored in the external memory card. If it’s saved in the internal memory, you are going to have to root the device to recover the file.

The data recovery software apps are designed to enable users to recover the lost files that are deleted accidentally, due to device failure, mobile rooting, and virus attack. The software allows you to scan all your images, contact list, messages, call recordings, and other data easily. The software will scan your device for all the audio files that have been removed from the external card or internal memory. If you had saved the call recordings in the automatic call recorder app, the device will restore the files easily.

2. Find it in the Backup

If you had the call history saved in the call recording apps, you can recover the files in simple steps. There are mainly two ways you can recover the recording. One, you download the deleted files from the cloud backup on your Android device. Two, get in touch with the cloud service provider to get the deleted recordings restored on your mobile.

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