How to Know if Someone Added You to Private Story on Snapchat

Snapchat also allows people for sending messages to their friends while making use of fun methods like sending videos and photos that stay for few seconds. You also have the option to add voice notes or text messages in a normal manner. When the application had been launched people initially could only send snaps and this could also lead to spam as there wasn’t a place to post things on what you had been doing at that moment. Users could just send it to all of their friends and they had no other option apart from watching it.

know if someone added you to private story on snapchat

Then later on the option of Stories got introduced. With the help of this new feature, you will be able to take videos or pictures of what you had been doing at any moment and then post it for people that might be interested to watch it.

When one posts a story, they have complete control over which all can see it. The first method is customizing the list and making a selection of people that one doesn’t want to see the story and they wouldn’t know it either.

Then the second option is of choosing people for adding a private story that’s also called a custom story. Here one is allowed to keep the people limited and one can also choose them as an elite group. Now the difference between blocking people and selecting users for adding to the story group is that people that you chose for adding to stories will be aware that they have been added once they watched the story that you had posted.

Let’s more about it in detail!

How to Know if Someone Added You to Private Story on Snapchat

The only way of getting to know that you were added for a private story is while you are looking at the feed they posted. Snapchat isn’t going to alert users that they were added to a custom story by another user as these aren’t groups, these are stories that a person had posted and made a decision on adding others to the list of users that when we’re able to see it.

It also means that you will be able to see the private stories as soon as you get added to it!

You will be able to see that this was a private store as there is a padlock icon present below the story. When we speak of a normal story, there is just an outline around that story and private stories do have a small padlock below the outline’s story.

Is It Possible That You Are In More Than One Such Private Story?

Yes, it’s possible. Snapchat allows you for having three private stories. You might also have some mutual friends that were in more than one of the private stories. If a user posts a private story, it just appears under the user’s name and it’s not under Private Story.

You will also be able to say which of the story you were on, just from the story name that’s mentioned on the left corner on top of that snap. Varied Private stories that are posted by the same user usually do have varied names.

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