How to Recover Snapchat Photos After Uninstall

Standing among the most dominating social media platforms of the age, Snapchat has a separate fanbase that is worth boasting about. Snapchat Inc., as it was originally termed after it was developed by the American company Snap. Inc. has been developed as American multimedia messaging app for users to exchange their messages smoothly and quickly. It helps us send pictures and videos to our friends and relatives at the flicker of our fingertips. However, many of the users often complain about what might be termed as a feature of the app. This is that the app doesn’t save the videos and photos.

recover snapchat photos after uninstall

Also, there is a time limit for which the photos and videos continue to appear on Snapchat. Here, after the media file has been viewed by the recipient, it is automatically deleted by the app. This often makes people wonder and urges them to find their photos and videos shared through the app.

Besides, in case you uninstall the app, it makes the recovery of your photos and videos more difficult. Therefore, if you have done the same and are wondering how to get them back, then we are here to help you.

With this article, you will come to know about the methods to apply if you want to get back your photos and videos after you uninstall the Snapchat app with or without a photo recovery tool. However, it is better to start with the answer of whether Snapchat snaps can be recovered.

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Can Snapchat Snaps Be Recovered?

As we have mentioned just now, the snaps of the Snapchat app can only be seen for a few seconds because the app automatically deletes them after that.

Are Photos saved on Snapchat?

Talking about the photos on Snapchat, you must know that the photos are never deleted permanently though they do not remain visible anymore. Yes, this is because your photos are actually hidden in your phone’s cache or as a cache in your computer and are, therefore, not deleted.

Though Snapchat claims that once the photos expire as soon as they are viewed, they are automatically deleted. However, the reality is that if you share a photo with someone on Snapchat, first it is passed through the Snapchat servers before it reaches another device.

Thus, the photos that remain on the servers of the Snapchat app are there for a period of up to 30 days. Additionally, some of the snaps can also be discovered from your phone. Here is how you can find your snaps saved on the phone:

As screenshots: In case somebody sends you a snap, then you can save that snap by simply taking a screenshot. However, in that case, you would also have to remember that the other person will also be notified that you have taken a screenshot.

In the form of Stories: If you have uploaded a photo to your Snapchat story that usually remains visible for only 24 hours. However, if you go ahead and submit that to a “Local Story” or “Live Story,” then the app gets the allowance of saving the file that can be viewed again if you wish so.

As Memories: In case if you save your pictures in the “Memories” section (archive), then know that they will never disappear. Besides, you can also access them anytime.

How to Recover Snapchat Photos After Uninstall

Here we will show you how to recover photos on a Windows computer. In case you are using a Mac computer/Mac laptop, then you have to download the Mac version of these apps.

Step 1: Choose a location to find the data

First, you need to select a drive from the list of the available drives that you can see on your computer, then select the particular drive from where you have lost the Snapchat photos. After you locate it, then you need to click on the Start button.

Step 2: Scanning the location

Once you click on the Start option of the app, the program will immediately start running and scanning for your lost or deleted photos with the help of its intensive scan on the computer hard drive.

Step 3: Preview and recover deleted photos

Finally, here you need to preview the photos that the results will present to you and then select the photos that you want to recover. You can simply choose the files of your preferences and then click on the “Recover” button. This will start recovering your data immediately. Now, you need to be careful to save these recovered files on a different drive rather than on the same one from where you lost them.

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