If You Click on a VSCO Link in Someone’s Instagram Bio, Will That Person Know?

See Who Views Your VSCO Link: An Instagram bio is meant to serve as a quick introduction to a user. It gives everyone else an idea about the person’s life, profession, or personality. While visiting someone’s profile on Instagram, you might notice that they have put a link on their bio. These links can usually take you to their website, YouTube page, or other social media profiles, such as a VSCO profile.

if you click on vsco link in someone's instagram bio, will they know

Clicking on a VSCO link on someone’s Instagram bio can tell you more about the person, but will it also tell them about you?

In other words, can someone see if you click their VSCO link on their Instagram Bio? If yes, you might not want to click on the link at all.

Looking at someone’s profile on Instagram is one thing, and letting them know that you did that is a completely different problem. You certainly don’t want others to know what you have been doing, do you?

This blog will explore whether it is OK to click on a VSCO link on someone’s Instagram bio. We will discuss all your questions about VSCO links on Instagram here in this blog. So, stick with us.

If You Click on VSCO Link in Someone’s Instagram Bio, Will They Know?

Instagram allows its users to view and analyze much of the data pertaining to their accounts, such as views, likes, and comments. You can see how many people like your posts, who likes your posts, who comments on your posts, and who views your story.

However, not every piece of data is out for display. For example, you cannot see who viewed your posts or who viewed your profile. Apparently, this is done to ensure that a person’s convenience doesn’t come at the cost of another’s privacy.

When it comes to a link in someone’s Instagram Bio, you might be confused about whether clicking on it will inform the person about you. Well, it’s time to clear your confusion.

There is NO way someone can tell you clicked their VSCO link in their Instagram Bio. Whatever they might do, they cannot know the identity of anyone who clicks on the VSCO link in their bio. Neither Instagram nor VSCO provides such information to users.

However, there are some common scenarios when a user can get information about you (though not your identity, for sure).

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