How to Fix Instagram Post/Reel Stuck on Preparing or Uploading

Click-upload-enjoy – the mantra of Instagram these days. This content-centric platform is witnessing the most phenomenal growth currently, and it’s all thanks to the creators of the platform. By posting consistently and creatively, they’re not just boosting their own profiles but the overall popularity of the platform as well. In that sense, it wouldn’t be entirely wrong to call the two co-dependent on each other.

fix instagram post reel stuck on preparing or uploading

If you’re such a creator, the first and most important requirement you’d have from the platform is its seamlessness, right? We totally agree and can, therefore, understand how frustrating being stuck while uploading a post or reel to the platform can feel.

In this blog, we’ll be helping you understand why the post or reel you are trying to upload on Instagram got stuck on preparing or uploading and how you can fix it. Let’s go!

How to Fix Instagram Post/Reel Stuck on Preparing or Uploading?

Now that we’ve cleared the basics of the nature of problems that could be in play here, it’s time to learn about their fixes. After all, in order to move forward with your uploading problem, you need to find its fix, right?

This process can take more time than you might’ve anticipated; this is because we have a long list of fixes for you. Since it’s difficult to narrow down the exact cause of this issue, we’ve provided all the solutions that will work in your favor.

Let’s check them all one by one now:

Fix #1: Check the content of your post/reel. Does it violate the platform’s policies?

Remember the first possibility we discussed earlier? We’ll offer you a fix for that now:

To ascertain whether or not your content is in violation of Instagram’s policies or guidelines, you’ll first need to know what those are. We’ve attached a link above if you want to dig deeper into it, but here’s the crux of what it stands for:

Any content that is sexually explicit, threatening, exploitative, terrorizing, or conveys hate for a certain group (ethnic, religious, cultural, economic, and so on) is considered inappropriate on the platform.

Now, go back and review your content in light of this knowledge and check if it matches any of it even remotely.

You’ll need to have a more detached approach to find these flaws. If they appear, all you need to do is to get rid of those specific parts/photos/videos before you try to upload them again.

If you were able to upload it this time around, consider the problem solved. If not, we’ll move on to the next fix.

Fix #2: Ensure that your internet connectivity is stellar

Instagram is an internet-based cloud platform, so it’s obvious you’ll require an internet connection for it to run.

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