How to Find Someone on Instagram Without Username [3 Methods]

Find Instagram Account Without Username: Finding the perfect, still-available Instagram username could be challenging. Users eventually add a string of characters in between the names to at least have the essence of their real names. However, some people brainstorm creative names and completely replace their names on the app.

find someone on instagram without username

Nevertheless, what do you ask if you want to interact with people on Instagram? All you ask is for their usernames, correct? If you know their usernames, you must type them into the app’s built-in search area, and they will appear on your screen! How practical!

But assume if you don’t know someone’s username on the app! Do you still believe it will be easy to find them on Instagram?

We shall examine how to find someone on Instagram without their username in this blog. If you’re as interested as us to learn more, let’s dig into the blog and find out how this might work on the app.

How to Find Someone on Instagram Without Username

Finding someone on Instagram without their username is really likely! Although contacting someone directly through a username is a clear option, the platform also includes additional ways to locate them if you can’t remember them.

1. Syncing Your Contact List on Instagram

Do you know that all of Instagram’s users have access to a built-in contact syncing feature? Instagram pushes you to locate all of your contacts there and bring them to you since it is keenly interested in your engagement on the network.

However, the feature is optional! Therefore, in order to fully utilize it, you must provide the app with the necessary permissions to your device’s contacts. The platform will periodically sync your phone’s contacts if you agree.

Steps to sync your contacts on Instagram:

Step 1: Run Instagram on your device.

Step 2: Your profile picture icon is present in the far-right corner of the lower region of the screen. Tap on it.

Step 3: Tap on the hamburger icon located in the upper right corner of your profile page.

Step 4: Opt for Settings and go to Account.

Step 5: Scan through the list to look for the Contacts syncing option. Tap on it once you locate it.

Step 6: Turn the toggle on for the connect contacts option.

If Instagram requires your permission, give it to them again! Your contacts will be connected to the app!

2. Scanning the Instagram Suggestions

Do the app’s suggestions drive you crazy as you scroll through the Instagram photos and reel? Well, they might be of help to you! 

These suggestions include the accounts the app thinks you might follow based on people you may know! When you tap on the See all option, you will be directed to the Discover people option, which we will discuss shortly! 

However, if you swipe right, your home feed will display all of the suggestions! Check to see if you can locate the person you were looking for! 

Do a thorough search using the Discover people feature of the app, which we’ve covered below if you can’t find them.

3. Discover People Feature

Instagram is eager to facilitate social interaction. Therefore, if you are unsure of your peers’ usernames and are reluctant to approach them, the discover people feature might do the work for you. 

You can choose from a boatload of their suggested list, and you might find the person you’re looking for here.

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