How to Recover Yourself as Admin of Whatsapp Group (Recover Whatsapp Group Admin)

Get Back Admin Rights on Whatsapp Group: WhatsApp has cemented itself as one of the most popular instant messaging apps, with over 5 billion downloads as of 2022. Did you know that the app has never sold advertisements despite its prominence? And to date, the app has featured no ads, reinforcing its commitment to providing a strict messaging experience for the user. We presently live in a time where not having this app is unfathomable.

recover yourself as admin of whatsapp group

The app makes it all easy, from birthday calls at 12 a.m. to celebrating New Year’s Eve together on a video call even across the country. You can establish a WhatsApp Group in addition to enjoying features such as calls, video calls, messaging, and WhatsApp stories. This prominent feature allows you to invite individuals and chat with them all in one space. And, after all, what is a group without its leader? Admin is the label given to the leader of a WhatsApp group.

By default, the Admin is the person who forms the group. However, they can assign this role to others. A group can also have multiple admins. There may be occasions when managing a group is too much for you to handle. And you decide to take a break from the group.

But now that you’ve returned from your hiatus, you’d like to get back into the game. You’ll want to know how to reclaim your status as Admin of a WhatsApp group at this point. Is it doable, and if so, how? These are the questions that pique our interest. You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for such answers.

Can You Recover Yourself as Admin of Whatsapp Group?

Unfortunately, you can’t recover yourself as admin of Whatsapp group after you decide to quit it. But you can rejoin the group as a regular member. Then, if you want to be an admin again, you’ll need to speak with the existing Admin(s) and ask them to make you one.

People often speculate who will be the future administrator of the group if the present one decides to leave, isn’t it? If for whatever reason, you decide to leave the group for which you were an Admin, then WhatsApp randomly chooses anyone to be the Admin after you. One might think that it is sorted alphabetically or the first person the Admin added after creating the group.

Things would work out in your favor if you were thoughtful enough to appoint someone the Admin before deciding to leave. But the fact is that there is no such confirmation. It is because asking them to make you one won’t be an issue. But imagine exiting the group because somebody provoked you and then returning to find them as the Admin; it’s a little unnerving, isn’t it?

Reclaiming the admin position is simple and is done using a few simple steps. These things will save you so that you don’t end up regretting if you intend to return. However, not getting along with the current Admin or not knowing them might be a roadblock to you becoming one. So, we hope you kept these facts in mind before leaving a group in the spur of the moment.

How to Recover Yourself as Admin of Whatsapp Group (Recover Whatsapp Group Admin)

1. Ask Current Admin of Whatsapp Group

In the preceding section, we highlighted the importance of building cordial links with the group’s administrators. We urged on doing so since WhatsApp assigns various responsibilities to group administrators, one of which is making other people the Admin. So, whether you like it or not, keeping the present administrator in faith is very crucial if you wish to reclaim your position as the group’s Admin.

It is easy to initiate a conversation with your friends if they are the admins. However, if it is a formalized work or class group, we don’t advocate jumping right into this subject. It might come out as impolite, and they could think you’re being difficult.

What you can do is engage with them in conversation in personal chat as well as in the group. You may ask for such a privilege after some time, and if they approve, it will be simple for you. You should also give some credible explanations why you want to become one, as well as why you left. It is so because even if they know you, they may be skeptical because you previously departed. As a result, being truthful with them gets a lot of attention and puts you on their strong side.

If you are curious how the current Admin can help you recover your position, here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Visit the official WhatsApp app on your phone and locate the group, and tap on it to open the chat. 

Step 2: Then, click on the group name displayed at the top of the screen. 

Step 3: Scroll down to find all the participants of the group and tap on the person’s name you want to make the Admin. 

Step 4: You will find a number of options appearing on the screen. Select the Make group admin option from there.

2. Departure of Current Admin from Whatsapp Group

Even if this is the most theoretical idea, we’ll count it in if it has an opportunity to regain your slot. The arrangement is that if the existing Admin of the group decides to quit, you have a chance to take over as the new Admin. We can’t guarantee it because it’s all decided at random if the Admin hasn’t already assigned this power to someone. So, one can hope, right?

Who knows, you can get lucky to get this opportunity without even trying. Furthermore, if they have granted you this privilege, you will regain your position immediately. If they choose to appoint someone else, you may need to speak with that person and request that they make you one as well, as we suggested in the last option.

3. Creating a New Whatsapp Group

If the last two strategies do not work in favor of you, this is yet another alternative you can try to use. You can either start a new group and ask all of the previous members to join it, or you can send them invites to join it. Furthermore, it allows you to remove members from the group who you no longer prefer but were too reluctant to remove in the prior group.

You’ll be able to reclaim your administrator status, leave the bothersome individuals without their realizing, and appoint people admins if you want to. Even if starting a group is simple, adding members might be complex at times. If the group was smaller, it would be quicker to bring them back. However, if you have more than 200 members, adding them back will take a long time.

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