Why Add Friend Button on Facebook Grey?

Facebook Add Friend Greyed Out: There is no escaping from Facebook, whether you like it or not. It has a cherished position in the world of social media, and it is a sensation on both a professional and personal level. The app’s user-friendly UI and intriguing functionality have kept users intrigued.

fix add friend button not showing on facebook

On the app, you may post various updates, including your general mood, location, videos, and even photos. 

Facebook has streamlined a lot of our internet communication and has united millions of people. This application helps users articulate themselves online freely.

It encourages people to express their thoughts honestly when they are hesitant to do so in everyday life. You can also follow celebrities and hunt for and join leisure groups that interest you.

Adding friends is literally the point of joining Facebook. You can add new friends and browse old ones, allowing you to connect with anyone worldwide. And to add someone to your Facebook friend list, you need to locate the Add friend option that you find in their profiles.

Making friends here may well be the simplest thing you learn if you are new to Facebook or have been using it for a while.

But what if the Facebook add friend greyed out? There have been several complaints regarding add friend greyed out on Facebook.

Hence, if you are reading this blog, chances are you or someone you know happens to have the same problem.

Let’s get right in to know how to fix this issue.

Why is the Add Friend Button on Facebook Grey?

Did you just see a friend of yours on Facebook but now cannot seem to figure out why the add friend option has suddenly vanished? Don’t worry; this issue has become increasingly frequent in these recent years. It might disappoint you since a lot of appeals on Facebook is on the fact that we can add friends and interact with them and their posts.

Sometimes, your friends who want to add you on Facebook might also complain about this issue. But before drowning in the anxiety of your friend potentially blocking you, you need to understand that there are multiple reasons it can happen. So, it is advisable to know these reasons so that your fixes carry out smoothly.

But if you haven’t done anything intentionally that might have caused this problem, you should know the reason why it happens. So it would be easier for you to think of possible solutions.

Alterations in Privacy Settings:

If you use Facebook, you are likely familiar with the Facebook privacy settings that allow users to discover and contact them according to their wishes, right? By default, Facebook enables anyone to search up your profile. It lets users retain a sense of privacy by making them almost undetectable on the app.

However, it becomes challenging if the person restricts who can look for them. They might have turned on the friends of friends option on Who can send you friend requests? Tab on Facebook. If you still want to be friends on Facebook, you should ask them to directly send you a friend request.

We say call them because it is a faster process. However, if you do not have their contact details, you should send them a message, which will be added to their requests section. You must wait for them to view and reply to the message before moving on with the procedure.

So, in order to change your settings so that the add friend option becomes visible, there are some steps that will help.

Step 1: Launch your Facebook account on your android and tap on the three horizontal lines on the top right corner of the screen. 

Step 2: Scroll down to find the Settings & Privacy option with a drop-down menu. Tap on it once located and click on the Settings option.

Step 3: A page will appear; move down to the Audience and visibility tab.

Step 4: You will see a How people can find and contact your option; click on it.

Step 5: Click on Who can send you friend requests? Option next.

Step 6: There would be two options displayed on the screen, Everyone and Friends of friends. Tap on the Everyone option. 

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