If Someone Uninstalled Whatsapp, Can You See Their Status?

Breaks are an important part of the cycle of life. Taking a break is important to rewind, reflect, and return better. And once in a while, we all need to take breaks. No matter what it is, a break is always appreciated and needed if something becomes too exhausting and overwhelming. As such, there can be many ways to take a break. You can take occasional breaks from work. Or you can take a break from your routine and go on a vacation.

if someone uninstalled whatsapp, can you see their status

Similarly, you might need to disconnect from the people you interact with daily and cut yourself off from everyone for a couple of days. And one of the best ways to cut off social interactions is by uninstalling all social media and messaging apps from your phone, including WhatsApp.

Being the most-loved messaging app in the world, WhatsApp is hard to let go of. Yet, anyone can uninstall WhatsApp anytime they want. And likewise, anyone can reinstall it anytime and use it as if nothing happened.

But what happens when a contact uninstalled their WhatsApp account remains a mystery for their contacts.

But we are here to demystify the mystery in this blog. Stay with us till the end to learn more about WhatsApp uninstallation and how it affects the user’s account.

If Someone Uninstalled Whatsapp, Can You See Their Status?

We will cover everything you need to know about WhatsApp uninstallation and its effects. But before all that, we will answer your question right away.

If one of your contacts shares a status on WhatsApp and uninstalls the app later without removing the status, the status will remain viewable. In other words, if someone uninstalled WhatsApp after sharing a status update, you can see their status as long as it is available for 24 hours.

Of course, if the contact reinstalls WhatsApp and removes the status before 24 hours, the status will disappear before the stipulated time. But merely uninstalling WhatsApp doesn’t remove the status.

This is because uninstalling WhatsApp doesn’t affect your status or anything else. Let’s understand this in depth.

What happens when someone uninstalls WhatsApp?

There are several ways to cut yourself off from WhatsApp. Depending on your goal, you can resort to one of many ways to break free from WhatsApp and its distractions.

If you want to avoid unnecessary notifications from a WhatsApp group but don’t want to leave the group altogether, you can mute the group notifications, so they don’t create sound or appear at the top of your screen.

If you want to be focused for an extended period and avoid WhatsApp while you work or study, you can disable WhatsApp notifications altogether. This way, you won’t be pestered by message notifications unless you open the app.

Likewise, when you want a complete break from WhatsApp for a few days, the best option is to uninstall the app from your device. Now, what does uninstalling WhatsApp truly mean?

Here’s why uninstalling WhatsApp is no serious business:

Uninstalling WhatsApp makes you get rid of the app, its interactions, and distractions. Since the app is no longer on your phone, you can’t open the app even if you want to.

But apart from preventing you from using the app, uninstalling is no serious thing. By this, we mean you don’t have to worry about your account info or settings getting deleted, as uninstalling doesn’t do any such thing.

Everything remains the same.

Nothing really happens after you uninstall WhatsApp. Your profile picture, account info, settings, chats, contacts, groups– everything remains the way it is. Anyone can message you as usual, though the message will not get delivered until you install WhatsApp again.

You will just appear to be offline to everyone. And when you reinstall the app, you’ll become online again.

And that’s why if you share a status update with your contacts before uninstalling WhatsApp, the status will also stay online for 24 hours as usual.

And what if someone deleted their WhatsApp account?

Now, this is serious business. Uninstalling WhatsApp is nothing more than taking a break from the messaging app and doing other things that matter. But when it comes to account deletion, it is the most serious thing you can do with your account.

Deleting your account is a permanent action on WhatsApp, and you can’t undo it once you confirm the deletion.

All your account-related data will get deleted if you delete your account. This includes all your chats and groups you are part of.

If someone deleted their WhatsApp account, can you see their status?

When someone confirms an account deletion, all their data starts getting deleted. And therefore, any active status update will get deleted as well. And since the status is deleted, you won’t be able to see it.

However, the messages of the person will remain unaffected in the receivers’ devices. People who have chatted with the person before would still be able to read the messages as before.

Summing up

When someone uninstalls WhatsApp, the only thing that happens is the person becomes offline. Everything else remains the same, including the person’s account information, chats, groups, and statuses.

Therefore, you can see their status even if they have uninstalled the account. The status remains viewable for either 24 hours or until the uploader deletes them manually. Deleting an account, however, is a much more serious action with serious consequences. If someone deletes their account, everything gets deleted.

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