If Someone Blocked You on Whatsapp, Can You See Their Online Status?

Blocking someone is perhaps the cruelest you could do to them on the platform. Some might disagree, but we’re certain that many will relate to what we’re saying. It’s equivalent to saying I never want to see your face again to someone’s face in real life. It hurts, and at times, you’re not even given a chance of confrontation.

if someone blocked you on whatsapp, can you see their online status

Blocking is a sensitive subject to many, which is why, when one feels confused about such a thing, they’re hesitant about confiding in friends and come seeking answers on the internet. Well, you needn’t worry about that since we’re your digital friends and will gladly answer all your doubts in this blog. Let’s get started!

If Someone Blocked You on Whatsapp, Can You See Their Online Status?

Without further ado, let’s get to answering the query that has brought you here directly. You’re wondering whether or not you can see the online status of someone who has blocked you, right? Well, the answer is: NO. As soon as someone blocks you, their activity status gets automatically hidden from you. So, you can never tell when they’re online or not.

If you still wish to be able to check their online status, you can either create a new WhatsApp account (and hope they don’t block that number) or get in touch with a mutual friend. You can use their account to check their online status.

Is there any other reason their online status is hidden from you?

Do you think you’ve been blocked only because this person’s online status isn’t visible to you? While it is a strong indication in that direction, it can mean several other things as well, such as them not being able to open WhatsApp because they were busy. So, how to tell for sure?

Luckily for you, there is not one but various ways of telling if you’ve been blocked, and we’re going to elaborate on it in the next section.

Being blocked on WhatsApp: What can it look like for you?

Welcome to talking about blocking on WhatsApp. Here, we’ll talk about four tricks that can help you figure out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp:

You can’t reach out to them on the platform in any way

The first thing that blocking someone on WhatsApp compromises is the communication between both parties; communication in both texts and calls.

After being blocked, if you try to text this person, all your messages will remain undelivered with a single grey tick below them. Also note that these messages will not be delivered to them even if they choose to unblock you later on.

Similarly, all your voice and video calls you send them will only show calling but never convert to ringing. This is just another indication that they’re not receiving these calls.

Their profile picture is invisible to you

Another common change you’ll notice about being blocked is that the profile picture of the user who blocked you will always be empty. Have they removed it themselves? Of course not. They still have a profile picture; you’re just no longer allowed to see it since they blocked you on the platform.

Any status they upload will remain hidden to you

Status updates have become as popular on WhatsApp as Stories on Instagram. Be it a birthday wish, a random cup of coffee, your cat, or a meme, people always want to share stuff they like on an intimate platform like WhatsApp.

If, from the crowd of users whose statuses you enjoy watching, one goes mysteriously radio silent, what will you make of it? Well, there might be no reason behind it, but them having blocked you is also a possibility, and we’re guessing that, in your case, it’s a strong one.

What about your group chats?

We just read above how WhatsApp provides an intimate environment that many of its users dig. If you’re one such user and are connected only to your close ones on the platform, you’re bound to be part of one or the other group. In fact, chances are you’re in several of them.

Is the person who blocked you also a member of any of these groups? And if they are, how would it impact the dynamics of this group now that you two don’t see eye-to-eye on WhatsApp?

We’ve just saved you from awkwardness and embarrassment because, thankfully, WhatsApp groups are immune to any acts of blocking. So, no matter how you might be restricted from reaching out to each other otherwise, in the group, all conversations will flow smoothly, including the ones between you two.

The bottom line

With this, we’ve reached the bottom of our blog. Let us part ways with the takeaways of what we’ve learned above.

Our discussion started by focusing on being blocked on WhatsApp and its consequences. Having clarified your doubt of being able to see the online status of the user who blocked you, we moved forward to explore other consequences of the act and what one could decipher from each of them.

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