How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Whatsapp Without Messaging Them

Life is only enjoyed when we are surrounded by loved ones. But while that might not be possible in real life, the social media has made it possible for us to stay connected despite living miles apart. However, when in such a scenario, you find that a loved one has shut you out from their lives, it can really break your heart. On WhatsApp, blocking someone is the equivalent of shutting them out from one’s life. Has such a thing ever happened with you? If it was, we deeply sympathize with your situation.

know if someone blocked you on whatsapp without messaging them

But before we start sobbing over it, wouldn’t you first like to make sure if you’ve even been blocked?

After all, this person will not come to say this to you personally for sure. You might’ve guessed it, but with what solid evidence? In this blog, we’re going to help you ensure that you’ve been blocked by someone, and not by the means of messaging them.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Whatsapp Without Messaging Them

We’re ready to get straight to the point: You want to figure out if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, but can’t use the most obvious trick in the book: texting them.

When someone blocks you, any message you send them afterward will only have a single grey tick, no matter how long you wait. This is usually a great indicator, but since we’ve been prohibited from employing its help, let’s move forward to the other ways.

Yes, there are several other methods of telling if you’ve been blocked. And it also makes sense, since blocking severs all ties between two parties, it is natural for you to face multiple restrictions, one of them is the single tick on messages.

Ready to explore the other restrictions? Let’s get started!

Trick #1: Is their online status visible to you?

We swear you’re going to find this trick even easier than messaging this person; this is precisely why we’ve placed it first on our list.

But before we share it with you, answer this question for us: What’s the first step you need to take in order to text someone on WhatsApp? Open your chat window with them, right?
That’s all you need to do for this trick. As you open the chat window, you’ll see their name and profile picture on top, below which you can see their online status. Most users keep their Last Seen status off these days, but even then, when they’re active, you can see an Online tag below their name.

However, in the case this person has blocked you, you’ll be restricted from seeing their active status. In other words, even when they do come online, it will not be visible to you.

Trick #2: What about their profile picture? Can you see it?

We agree that the last trick, though easy, can take some time. After all, you might need to wait indefinitely to ensure that they have come online, only you couldn’t see it. And even then, there’s always going to be an “if”.

What if they lost their phone, or are busy at work and have no time to open WhatsApp at all?

Well, then you can try this trick in combination with the last one. Is their profile picture suddenly missing? Because if it is, and you haven’t seen them online in a long time either, it could be strongly pointing towards the fact that they blocked you.

Trick #3: Try creating a WhatsApp group with them

Now while both the aforementioned tricks are strong indications, there are possible reasons behind them as well. For instance, it’s also worth considering that this person could’ve removed their profile picture themselves. Can you say for sure that they haven’t?

Another, and most sure-shot way of figuring that you’ve been blocked by someone is by attempt to create a WhatsApp group and selecting them as a member. This is the one action on WhatsApp wherein you’ll face restriction only if that user has blocked you on the platform.

So, go ahead and give it a try, we’ll be waiting to know what you find out.

Trick #4: Is the option of calling them available to you?

Were you able to create the group? If yes, then you already have your answer. If you wish to double-check it still, you could also try calling them on WhatsApp and see if it goes from Calling to Ringing.

There are two reasons behind this phenomenon on WhatsApp: Either the user has turned their internet off, or you’re on their block list. And if the last trick worked for you, it’s certainly the latter.

The bottom line

As we arrive at the end of our blog, let’s quickly summarize our learnings for you.

Our discussion began by the prospect of being blocked on WhatsApp. It’s indeed not easy to learn that someone has blocked you on a platform. It’s an act as outrageous as one can get in the world of social media.

We then addressed your suspicion of being blocked by someone, and suggested multiple ways you can figure out that someone has blocked you. We’d love to hear from you which trick was the most effective one in the comments section below!

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